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Matthew Heineman on Moving a Conversation Forward with “Retrograde”

There were the obvious reasons that Matthew Heineman gravitated towards Sami Sadat, the National Army general in charge of the ANA Special Operations Command overseeing the Helmand Province in Afghanistan, but the director was intrigued for less obvious ones while embedding in the country to make “Retrograde.”. “He was...
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Alum Spotlight: Matthew Heineman ‘05 discusses his new film ‘The First Wave’

The Emmy-winning filmmaker documents the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on a New York City hospital. Matthew Heineman ’05 has filmed in conflict zones around the world and received glowing praise in the most elite circles of film. Most recently, he shot at a hospital in Queens, New York at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Heineman entered the field after graduation and is now a renowned filmmaker.
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“Burnout and Fatigue and a Loss of Sanity”: Matthew Heineman on Making COVID-19 Documentary The First Wave

Mass confusion and panic infected much of the world at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic as the deadly virus spread from country to country at an uncontainable rate. As many governments put temporary lockdown and quarantine orders in place (in addition to urging hospitals to boost patient capacity), New York City found itself the epicenter of the pandemic, ambulances constantly roaring as they raced to prevent the next round of deceased patients stored in meat trucks and disposed of in mass graves on Hart Island. With some distance from that horrific spring of 2020, new variants and vaccine hesitancy threaten to again overwhelm local hospitals and healthcare workers.

“It Was Terrifying”: ‘The First Wave’ Director Matthew Heineman On Filming The Outbreak Of Covid In NYC – For The Love Of Docs

New York City has recorded more than 1.1 million cases of Covid since the pandemic began almost two years ago. The disease has claimed almost 35,000 lives in the city alone. But statistics only go so far in telling the story. The documentary The First Wave, directed by Matthew Heineman, shows what it was really like on the ground as Covid exploded in the New York metropolitan area. The National Geographic film played as part of Deadline’s For the Love of Docs screening series.

‘The First Wave’ Director Matthew Heineman: Doc “Pays Homage” To New York Health Care Workers Battling Covid Outbreak

When New York City became the epicenter of the country’s Covid outbreak in 2020, many residents—those of means, anyway—fled to second homes or other points far from the city. But not New York-based filmmaker Matthew Heineman. He suited up in PPE on the frontlines of the Covid battle. The Oscar-nominated director gained access to Long Island Jewish Medical Center in the borough of Queens, filming the experience of medical staff and patients as Covid exploded. The result is his National Geographic documentary The First Wave, a Participant production that’s a contender for Oscar consideration. “We first really in earnest started thinking about...

Matthew Heineman on the Reality of Being at the Front Lines of COVID in “The First Wave”

Matthew Heineman has never thought twice about throwing himself into highly charged or potentially dangerous situations, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that the director of “Cartel Land” and “City of Ghosts” had been eager to find a way to the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19 pandemic to see for himself the devastation the disease had wrought on hospitals overwhelmed by an influx of patients with no known treatment to save them. Still, it was hardly their first priority to let his cameras in, much as the access might serve as an important historical record to reflect on after the initial panic had passed, and while Heineman wasn’t one to interfere or question their resistance, he did have the tenacity to ask if the Long Island Jewish Medical Center might open their doors just slightly enough to show what was going on in those first pivotal months of the pandemic.

The First Wave Review: Matthew Heineman Captures the Early Days of the COVID-19 Crisis in NYC

I wonder when we’ll grow numb to movies about the COVID-19 crisis. Anyone saying they already have is either lying or living a life of privilege wherein the continued ebb and flow of hospitalization numbers has yet to personally impact them. They’re also the ones posing the biggest threat to those who’ve yet to take a breath because they’re the ones who care more about a “normal” that may never exist again than the health of a marginalized stranger who never experienced that same “normal” before the pandemic let alone now that we’re still very much inside of it. Watching Matthew Heineman’s documentary The First Wave isn’t therefore a casualty of diminishing returns due to a false sense of redundancy. If anything, it proves more powerful from accumulation.
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National Geographic Documentary Films Acquires Academy Award®-Nominated and Emmy® Award-Winning Director Matthew Heineman’s COVID-19 Vérité Feature Doc THE FIRST WAVE

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar 29, 2021-- National Geographic Documentary Films announced today a new feature documentary from Participant and Our Time Projects, to be released theatrically by NEON later this year, directed and produced by Academy Award ® nominee and Emmy ® Award winner Matthew Heineman (“Cartel Land,” “City of Ghosts”) along with producers Jenna Millman and Leslie Norville.