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Interpol kicked off a two-night run at Kings Theatre w/ Tycho and Matthew Dear (review, setlist)

Two decades after their seminal debut LP, Interpol will unveil their seventh album The Other Side of Make-Believe later this summer, and they're currently giving fans a preview of the record on their North American tour with Tycho and Matthew Dear. On Saturday night (5/15), the band played their first of two hometown dates at Brooklyn's Kings Theatre which are also the last shows of the tour.
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Interpol w/ Tycho and Matthew Dear

Over the past five years the four dapper dons of Interpol have jumped from being New York local favorites to a globally respected band. They've accomplished this feat with a hardnosed work ethic - treading the boards of hundreds of venues, from Tampa to Tokyo - a flair for the dramatic, and two rapturously received albums of dark and deeply melodic rock (2002's Turn On the Bright Lights and 2004's Antics). They've graced magazine covers, inspired countless imitators, earned themselves Short List Award nominations, and enjoyed a rare kind of commercial success that has not once infringed on their effortless enigmatic quality. Every step they took seemed gradual, organic, and wildly successful. So why does album #3, the epic Our Love to Admire, feel like the start of something new? Blame vacation, for starters.
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Matthew Dear announces new show at Spybar Chicago

DJ, producer, pop artist, songwriter and vocalist Matthew Dear will be coming back to Chicago on February 18, 2022. One of modern music’s most multifaceted artists, Matthew Dear released Preacher’s Sigh & Potion, a “lost album,” last summer. Released more than ten years after it was handed on “CD-Rs passed to Ghostly label founder Sam Valenti IV”:

Matthew Dear – Preacher’s Sigh & Potion: Lost Album

Between Kraftwerk’s austere approach, where a song either makes the record or is deleted, and Underworld’s 5CD reissues for a single album, there lies a vast swathe of artists with scattered bits of material in the vaults, some of which is more beloved by them than the music for public consumption.

Matthew Dear

Is releasing a new album, Preacher’s Sigh & Potion: Lost Album, on June 25 via Ghostly International. As its title suggests, it’s an album that was recorded over a decade ago and then shelved, but is finally seeing the light of day. Now he has shared another song from the album, “Hikers Y.” More.

Matthew Dear Previews Emmylou Harris-Inspired Album With Dual Singles

After shelving it for 13 years, Matthew Dear will release Preacher’s Sigh & Potion: Lost Album on June 25th via Ghostly International. The avant-pop artist and DJ previewed the record with two new singles: “Muscle Beach” (above) and “Supper Times” (below). “Muscle Beach” opens with a thumping acoustic guitar over crispy vocals, while “Supper Times” is an electronic frenzy with silky instrumentation.

Matthew Dear – “Muscle Beach” & “Supper Times”

About a decade ago, the extremely slick Michigan dance producer Matthew Dear released his album Black City. That LP might’ve been Dear’s breakout. Dear had been building momentum for years before then, but Black City established Dear as a master of thoughtfully sleazy nightclub thump, and as a band frontman as well as a producer. But Dear’s career could’ve gone very differently, and a new album will show up exactly how.

NEW MUSIC: Matthew Dear shares two singles from new album “MUSCLE BEACH” and “SUPPER TIMES”

Twenty-plus years into his career, producer/vocalist/songwriter/DJ Matthew Dear remains artistically unpredictable in pursuit of his prescient strain of electronically-formed, organically-delivered indie pop. He will be releasing Preacher’s Sigh & Potion: Lost Album, his first LP since 2018, out on June 25th via Ghostly International. To celebrate his return, he shares...