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Matt Roloff: I'm Getting Ready for My New House!

Matt Roloff is getting ready to move on. Not from Little People, Big World. And not from the farm that he's been running for decades, despite ongoing speculation that the father of four may retire soon. Instead, we mean a literal move. Matt Roloff is simply getting ready to move.
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‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff Starts Major Plans For New Home With Caryn

LPBW star Matt Roloff has taken the first major step towards building a new home with Caryn on the Roloff Farms property. He now has the daunting task of designing his new house. Matt recently shared an update on his Instagram to show how far he has come. While he is currently working on the layout of the new home, Matt is obviously doing well so far. There is no mention as to how long it will take him to complete the house so that he can Caryn can finally move in.
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‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff Making The Rounds Like A Rockstar

LPBW patriarch Matt Roloff clearly treasures three things in his life. These include his kids, Molly, Jacob, Zach, and Jeremy. Then, he adores his four grandchildren Jackson, Lilah, Ember, and Bode. TLC fans also know that the Little People, Big World star also loves getting his teeth into big projects. So, on a fun-filled weekend that included a bit of each, Matt says that ‘life is good.’
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Matt Roloff Buries Treasures For Grandkids (Recap)

Matt Roloff treasures the special moments and memories of his legacy and more came out about this on TLC’s LPBW this week. Actually, while the patriarch of the show might sound sentimental as he ages, he obviously cares very deeply about how the kids and grandchildren continue his legacy on the farm. Additionally, he’s getting older now and his thoughts turn to a time when he might not be around anymore. Titled Hidden Secrets, fans saw how he buried capsules for the little kids.
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'Little People, Big World' Star Matt Roloff Defends Girlfriend Against Trolls

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff is defending his long-term girlfriend Caryn against trolls and fans of the reality TV show on social media. The star took time out of his day to respond to some of the meaner comments underneath his Instagram post, telling fans why he's still with her after all this time. "I can't understand why Matt's girlfriend have [sic] to say. They're not married ijs," one user wrote underneath his recent post. "She still manages pumpkin season does she not," another fan questioned. "Because she's a brilliant business mind... and I find that very intriguing" Roloff said to both commenters.
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Matt Roloff Defends Caryn Chandler: STFU, Haters, She's Brilliant!

Matt Roloff is not here for your hate. He's not here for your disdain. And he's most definitely not here for your disrespect of the woman who wiill very likely be his wife someday. You got that?!?. The Little People, Big World patriarch has been dating Caryn Chandler for about...
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Matt Roloff: My Kids Can ONLY Have the Farm If They SHARE It!

Little People, Big World fans know that Zach Roloff has been considering buying the farm. His brother, Jeremy, has his own designs on the property. Matt has a grand plan for how he wants Roloff Farms run after he steps back. But when everyone else in the family has their...
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Matt Roloff Of ‘LPBW’ Defends Caryn Chandler’s Honor: What Happened?!

Matt Roloff from LPBW and Caryn Chandler joined Tori and Zach as they discussed the Pumpkin Season festival that they hold on the farm. In the current season, fans see that Amy plans her wedding, Jackson’s got some health issues, and the patriarch and his girl still seem pretty tight. When TLC posted up a teaser for Little People, Big World this week, Matt defended his girl. What was that all about?

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Matt Roloff Breaks His Silence About Molly’s Scary Experience

Little People, Big World spoilers and updates reveal patriarch Matt Roloff has spoken with the “First Class Fatherhood” podcast regarding the environment of the reality show that influenced his children while growing up. After many years of silence, Matt did not only talk about Jacob’s brave move in admitting a producer of the show sexually abused him, but he also alluded that Molly experienced something scary when she was young.

'Little People, Big World' Star Matt Roloff Makes Surprising Admission About Ex-Wife Amy Roloff

In the upcoming episode of Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff made a surprising admission about his ex-wife, Amy Roloff. Matt "missed" his ex-wife at Roloff Farms in the past year, admitting that it was "tough" without her. The former couple divorced in 2016 and they are now with other people. Amy is planning to marry Chris Marek later this year while Matt is dating Caryn Chandler.
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‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff Alluded the Show Caused a Scary Situation for Molly Roloff

Little People, Big World is back, and fans are excited to see everything the Roloff family’s up to in 2021. We know Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff are back on the show, as is Zach Roloff, their son, and his wife, Tori Roloff. But Jacob, Jeremy, and Molly Roloff are no longer on the show. And Matt explained via a podcast that something serious may have occurred to Molly when she was a kid on the show. Here’s what he said.
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Is Matt Roloff Interested In Selling His Portion Of The Farm?

Little People, Big World fans wonder if Matt Roloff has any intention of selling his portion of the farm. After all, he certainly isn’t getting any younger. As he continues to age, he finds himself needing more assistance with farm tasks. But, that doesn’t make him love the farm any less. Does he have an interest in selling his portion of the farm?
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How Much Did Matt Roloff Pay For Amy’s Share Of The Farm?

Little People, Big World fans know all about Matt and Amy Roloff’s divorce. After being married for 30 years, the former couple finalized their divorce in May 2016. Now, Matt and Amy are both in new relationships. Matt is dating Caryn Chandler, while Amy is engaged to Chris Marek. Amy and Chris will tie the knot later this year.
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Matt Roloff: When Did He Learn About His Son's Molestation?

Matt Roloff is finally opening up. About perhaps the worst thing that he and his loved ones ever had to go through. The long-time TLC personality sat down last week with Alec Lace, host of the First Class Fatherhood podcast, to talk about a variety of subjects... including his youngest son's allegations of sexual abuse.