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Downsizing expert Matt Paxton talks 'Legacy List'

ATLANTA - In his PBS series "Legacy List with Matt Paxton," downsizing and cleaning expert Matt Paxton encourages people to make a list of the most important items in their house. But did Paxton follow his own advice during his recent move to North Georgia?. "I did," he says with...
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‘Hoarders’ expert Matt Paxton has new PBS show ‘Legacy List,’ moves to Suwanee

Recently engaged to a minimalist, he now lives in a 2,700-square-foot home with seven kids. Extreme cleaning expert Matt Paxton could never say he has led a boring life. On the classic A&E show “Hoarders,” he has watched a woman eat 25-year-old candy, sifted through thick cobwebs that resemble cotton candy and stood on a mountain of used diapers when an earthquake hit. He has had to evade 100 parrots in one abode and found baseball bats used by Babe Ruth.
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How downsizing expert Matt Paxton helps Americans sort through their stuff

At age 25, Matt Paxton cleared out the homes of four relatives who died within months of one another. The painful experience of sorting through lifetimes of possessions and memories was life-changing. He went on to have a career as an extreme-cleaning specialist and professional downsizer who now appears on two TV series about people dealing with an overflow of stuff.

Season Two of Legacy List with Matt Paxton

Watch new episodes of Legacy List with Matt Paxton Monday's at 9:00 p.m. on VPM PBS or on your favorite smart device through the PBS app. Watch as Matt and his team of experts Jaime Ebanks, Avi Hopkins and Mike Kelleher, find hidden treasures and the precious memories attached to them as they help families downsize for their next phase in life.
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The Most Bizarre House Matt Paxton Saw On Hoarders

When Matt Paxton quit Hoarders back in 2017, after a decade on the show, hearts all over the world broke. As he admitted in an interview with Reality Blurred, in August 2020, although "it provided for my family," taking part in the show was often "overwhelming." As Paxton, an extreme cleaning specialist who visited the typically decrepit homes of so-called hoarders put it succinctly, "It can be a lot." However, one of the only pieces of good news in a garbage year was that Paxton is finally returning to the show that made his name.
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Five Questions With Matt Paxton

Hamilton, ON-based singer-songwriter, Matt Paxton has unveiled his new single, “Dance Me Home”. The song is a stripped-back acoustic folk track about love and adventure. Written between Matt’s hometown and several European cities, the spirit of the song captures memories from each of those places, turning them into poems and then placing them within a melody.