Matt Ox

LOCK IT UP – [Whethan] ft. [midwxst] [Yeat] & [Matt Ox]

I am always so proud of hometown artists who make a name for themselves doing something that no one else has done, and if there is one example of this from a Chicago musician, it’s Whethan. He began making music back in high school that no one has ever even dreamed of making before, and after seeing insane success very early on, it’s crazy to imagine where he is going to be in even just a few years.
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‘Check In’ With MVW’s First Single from Upcoming Album, Featuring Matt Ox

Michael Vincent Waller’s foray into the world of hip hop continues with his latest single, “Check In,” featuring teenage YouTube star and rapper, Matt Ox. The highly touted classical composer’s latest endeavor comes on the heels of his debut hip hop project, the Lex Luger assisted, CLASSIC$.
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In Yo Face – [BEAR1BOSS] & [Matt Ox]

Whether you realize it or not, the foundation of all rap music is the underground scene that exists in the shadows of the industry, and without the underground, some of the biggest names in the genre probably wouldn’t exist. These up-and-comers set the precedent for new sounds and unique innovations within the sonic landscape of the music business, and without them, music wouldn’t be pushed forward into a new and exciting direction, at least in my opinion.

PLACEMENT – [Bktherula] ft. [Matt Ox]

The female wave of rap has officially taken the world by storm, and I couldn’t be happier. While there are so many different artists making word wide headlines like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion, amongst others, there are still so many incredible underground talents that have cult followings that only continue to grow. One of these artists is Bktherula, an Atlanta emcee who has this wonderfully appealing attitude and personality that has been attracting fans since day one.

too fast – [Prentiss] ft. [Matt Ox]

It has probably been right around a month since Mississippi artist Prentiss came across my radar, and he has been making some major moves ever since. At just 14 years old, it can be hard to imagine an artist with as much promise and talent as him, but he continues to turn heads, linking up with everyone from the underground music scene to getting nods from icons like Justin Bieber. When I heard he was in the studio with Matt Ox, it only made sense considering Matt was probably around the same age when he started to blow up, and even though their musical styles vary, I knew they’d make some magic together.