Matt Hoffman

Football Player Profile: Matt Hoffman, Defensive End/Tight End

An all-conference tight end and defensive end, Hoffman is expected to line up on defense for UConn. A bit of a late bloomer, he packed on 20 pounds entering his senior year at Cheltenham. The Pennsylvania native owns excellent length with a long, lean frame that will continue to blossom. He will often line up in a four-point stance at defensive end, which is where he projects to play for the Huskies. Hoffman demonstrates a quick get-off, as he gains excellent momentum coming off the snap of the ball, which he is able to parlay into creating leverage. His arm usage is impressive—Hoffman utilizes his arm length to keep opposing blockers at bay, as he creates distance and sets up his pass-rush; he shows some twitch to bend and dip. His straight-line speed is evident, as is his strength to drive and push defenders on offense as a blocker; he flashed some ferocious blocks on film. Hoffman also makes good use of his stiff arm as a receiver and is a solid pass-catcher. He has some experience playing linebacker and long snapper but the plan is to have him begin at defensive end. Hoffman possesses natural football instincts, along with the athleticism and strength to contain the edge. He seems very capable of fending off blocks and making plays in the rubble. It’s quite possible that Hoffman develops into a pass-rusher for the Hokies but he could probably benefit from a redshirt season to really get his body primed for big time college football. He projects as a potential starter for the Huskies in a year or two down the road.
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