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Watch Mateus Asato reimagine ABBA’s Dancing Queen as an angelic fingerstyle workout

By now, we’re accustomed to Mateus Asato completely reimagining well-known tracks by treating them to his own trademark style of neo-soul excellence. In the past few months alone, Asato has effortlessly conquered The Beatles’ In My Life, Tears For Fears’ Everybody Wants To Rule and Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, demonstrating that – even with a self-imposed social media exile – his chops remain up there with the very best.
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Mateus Asato reveals his instrumental guitar take on Tears For Fears classic Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Mateus Asato is the master of the concise electric guitar instrumental, and when he's inspired to lend his skills to renditions of classic songs it's always nothing short of sublime. As Tears For Fears gear up for the release of a new album (and we have a new interview coming soon on that front), Mateus has given one of their best-loved songs his treatment with a GLS T-style guitar for those chiming bridge single-coil tones.
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Mateus Asato teams up with LA singer-songwriter Annalé on her new single, Goodbye

One month after announcing a break from music and social media, Mateus Asato has lent his six-string chops to LA-based musician Annalé on her new track, Goodbye. A reworking of her Korean-language single of the same name, Goodbye – alongside Asato – also features Filipino actor/singer-songwriter Iñigo Pascual and Malaysian music production group MFMF. Take a listen below:

Mateus Asato reposts his amazing Daft Punk Digital Love guitar solo

Mateus Asato recently stepped away from Instagram for a 'virtual hiatus' but returned the YouTube channel recently to pay tribute to Daft Punk after the French duo announced their split and thank them "for being a soundtrack for most of my childhood" and repost this short but very sweet 2020 cover of the guitar solo from Digital Love.

Mateus Asato teams with Jackson Audio for the Asabi Overdrive/Distortion

Update 22/20: This story has been updated to reflect the Jackson Audio’s new name for the pedal, the Asabi. Mateus Asato – who will be making an appearance at Live later this October – has teamed up with Jackson Audio on a brand new dual-drive pedal, Asabi Overdrive/Distortion. One...
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Mateus Asato shuts down Instagram account, announces break from music

“Instagram helped musicians to get better at business, at making flawless performance videos (after uncountable takes)… I got lost inside the boxes of 15-60-second videos”. Mateus Asato, perhaps social media's biggest breakout guitar star, has removed his Instagram account and announced a break from music, due to the “overwhelming” pressures...

"I have a big feeling that we are losing the essence of musicianship interaction" – guitarist Mateus Asato closes Instagram account, takes break from music

Instagram has been huge for musicians – a direct forum to share with fans, and to perform and gain new followers. But now Mateus Asato, a wonderful player and one of the social media platform's most successful guitarists, has decided to step away from it. He's also taking a break from music in general for a while. But why?
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Mateus Asato shares his seriously impressive seven-step warm-up routine

If you've ever found yourself scrolling through the guitar goldmine that is Mateus Asato's Instagram profile, you've probably asked yourself how one mere mortal could possess such prolific powers on the guitar. The neo-soul sensation, known for his hypnotic mastery of the fretboard and colorful jazz-inspired constructions, recently sat down...