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SongWriter: the Mary Gauthier Interview

Grammy Award-winning songwriter Mary Gauthier wrote a brand new song in response to her friend Odie Lindsey’s new novel, Some Go Home for the most recent episode of SongWriter. Below is an edited version of the conversation Mary and I had about that experience, and about her perspective on the South, suffering, and grace.
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Mary Gauthier| Saved By A Song: The Art and Healing Power of Songwriting | Review

Writing is how I make sense of everything. This relatively simple act of expression is extraordinarily cathartic. Trauma and pain are immediately liberated. The truly bizarre and fabulous can shine while simultaneously providing a healthy, sometimes even hysterical release. Mary Gauthier writes in her memoir, Saved By A Song: The Art and Healing Power of Songwriting, “Storytellers have power; they are not voiceless victims. In a song we are given the authority to be the writer of the story instead of the paper it is written on. We become the narrator instead of the narrated, turning our story into something that might be useful to others. The empathy the song generates connects the songwriter to their own pain in a new way, a way that is reparative, rewiring broken circuits. Also, and this is very important, the storyteller can shape the ending, moving the story forward in a brave new way.” Gauthier’s passage speaks to me profoundly. I’m far from where I need to be in writing my own story, but what I have created thus far has given me solace. Gauthier has motivated me to finish my memoir, to share my raw, sometimes repulsive reality. Hopefully, my book, like Gauthier’s will make a difference to someone struggling, hurting, or just needing to know they aren’t alone. Gauthier is not only a talented, award-winning singer/songwriter but also bravely illustrates in her new book the artistry and redemptive power of creativity.