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Umpire Marty Foster Makes Comically Bad Call

Isan Diaz appeared to get the Miami Marlins on the board this afternoon against Milwaukee with an RBI tap-out to pitcher Zack Godley. The Brewers pitcher made an underhanded toss to first base for a routine out and his momentum took him about two feet from the foul line. For reasons that remain unclear to both myself and the baseball community as a whole, though, first base umpire Marty Foster decided that there'd been obstruction on the play and awarded Diaz free passage to the bag.
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Umpire Marty Foster makes awful interference call during Marlins-Brewers game

The most mind-boggling call of the 2021 season happened Wednesday afternoon in the second inning of the Marlins-Brewers game in Milwaukee, and umpire Marty Foster has some explaining to do. With one out and Marlins on second and third, second baseman Isan Diaz hit a tapper down the first-base line....