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Rob Reiner says Martin Scorsese was 'mad' about Marty DiBergi character in This is Spinal Tap

Rob Reiner has claimed that legendary director Martin Scorsese was "mad" about Reiner's lampooning of him in This is Spinal Tap. In the comedy classic, Reiner plays a fawning documentarian named Marty DiBergi. The character was partly inspired by Scorsese's appearance in The Last Waltz, the acclaimed 1978 concert film-documentary about The Band which the Goodfellas filmmaker also directed.
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Martin Scorsese Helped Push Peter Jackson To Finish Filming The Lord Of The Rings

Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy will go down in history as one of the best fantasy film adaptations of all time. It has everything from elves, orcs, and hobbits to talking trees, giant eagles, and one seriously scary gold ring (I mean, can you imagine if that thing was a wedding band?). Fans of the films still debate over Legolas and Aragorn, think the battle for Helm's Deep is one of the greatest onscreen battles of all time, and cry every time Aragorn says, "My friends, you bow to no one." It is one of the best epic tales ever written, and Jackson definitely did it justice turning it into films.
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Martin Scorsese Celebrates British Filmmaking Greats Michael Powell And Emeric Pressburger In David Hinton Feature Doc; Altitude Boards Sales — Cannes Market

Click here to read the full article. Martin Scorsese will pay personal homage to influential British filmmaking duo Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger in an upcoming feature doc. Altitude is attached to handle sales of the as-yet untitled doc and has secured a release in the UK and Ireland. The Mean Streets, Goodfellas and Casino director will narrate the doc, which is from from Bafta- and Emmy-winning director David Hinton. Scorsese will explain how the makers of classics such as Black Narcissus and A Matter of Life and Death captivated him from a young age and recalls his powerful personal friendship...

Martin Scorsese Knew Scarface Would Never Fly With Film Critics

Some of the greatest artists almost seem like they can foretell the future, and renowned filmmaker Martin Scorsese has bordered on prophetic more than once. The "Taxi Driver" director has predicted the stardom of several huge names in show business, including household names like Laura Dern (via Indiewire). Actor Steven Bauer, known for his performance in Brian De Palma's "Scarface," recently revealed yet another of Scorsese's prescient forecasts in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Weakest Link viewers in tears over ‘funniest wrong answer ever’ to Martin Scorsese question

Weakest Link viewers were left in fits of laughter over a drastically wrong answer provided by a contestant on a recent episode.The US edition of the hit game show recently welcomed a man named Sean on to compete, answering trivia questions from host Jane Lynch (Glee).In a clip which has since gone viral, Sean is asked: “Martin Scorsese has nine Oscar nominations for directing, but his only win was for what movie?”A visibly panicking Sean says he’s “horrible at films”, before answering: “I’m going to have to guess and say 8 Mile.”The Eminem-starring rap drama was in fact directed...
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Oops, Morbius’ Tyrese Gibson Shares Fake Praise From Martin Scorsese Before Taking It Down

A little over two years has passed since legendary director Martin Scorsese made his infamous comment on comic book films. That doesn’t mean this particular pop culture coal fire has died down, as plenty of people still reference and meme the “cinema vs. not-cinema” debate that came from the filmmaker’s candid thoughts on Marvel movies. In the wake of Sony’s Morbius debuting at the box office, someone generated a post of fake praise from Scorsese that was so convincing, it managed to confuse actor Tyrese Gibson into temporarily sharing it as a real deal.

Morbius: Tyrese Gibson Fooled by Fake Martin Scorsese Review Calling the Film as 'Truest Height of Cinema'

While Morbius had a decent performance at the box office during its opening weekend, its critical reviews have been abysmal making it one of the lowest-rated Marvel movies on Rotten Tomatoes. The film's negative reception has been a subject of discussions by a lot of fans online and it has resulted in several memes and sarcastic jokes including fake reviews. However, it seems that one of its stars actually fell for it.

Tyrese Gibson tricked into thinking Martin Scorsese loves Morbius

The reviews for Morbius are in, and they aren’t looking great! The new entry in the SPUMC (Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters) has been labelled a mess by many critics, but Tyrese Gibson, who stars in the movie, found one review he really loved. Unfortunately, that review, which suggested none other than Martin Scorsese loved the movie, was actually a fake.