Martin Baron

The New Yorker

Martin Baron, a Fact Checker for the Long Haul

Martin Baron, who worked in this magazine’s fact-checking department from 1974 to 2010, and who was the head of the department for twelve of those years, died last month in New York City. He was eighty-five. William Shawn, the editor during the early part of Martin’s tenure at the magazine, had an influence on him, and maybe vice versa. The two men talked alike. Shawn came from Chicago and spoke with a Chicago accent that sometimes took people by surprise. Martin was born and raised in St. Louis, and if anybody asked where he was from he said, “St. Louis, Missoura,” pronouncing “Missouri” as it should be pronounced. Both he and Shawn were Midwesterners who spent all their adult lives in New York without losing the point of view of the awestruck outsider.
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