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Roe v Wade: Rita Moreno recalls being sent to botched abortion by Marlon Brando

Rita Moreno has recalled the moment Marlon Brando sent her to have an abortion when she became pregnant while the two were dating. Some readers may find details in this article upsettingThe 90-year-old West Side Story actor was in a tumultuous eight-year relationship with the late Godfather actor after meeting in 1954 on the set of the Napoleon biopic Désirée.Speaking in Variety on Friday (24 June) – shortly after the US Supreme Court overturned the 1973 landmark Roe v Wade decision – Moreno revealed details of her botched abortion. “Marlon found a doctor through some friends,” she said. “He...
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‘The Offer’ Video: See Justin Chambers Lead ‘Godfather’ Cast Gathering As Marlon Brando

Click here to read the full article. EXCLUSIVE: The Corleone family finally has come together for a real Italian dinner. In this clip from the May 12 episode of The Offer on Paramount+, Francis Ford Coppola (Dan Fogler) greets the cast of The Godfather for their first gathering before shooting commences on the film. Much to Coppola’s delight, the actors immediately settle into their roles. Marlon Brando (Justin Chambers) sits at the head of the table and insists that his wife be served first. He then gives a speech thanking the group for attending his birthday meal. The Offer is based on producer...

The Offer Director Adam Arkin On Introducing Marlon Brando And Memories From Pig [Interview]

Director Adam Arkin has worked on some stellar shows throughout his career. The actor and filmmaker made his directorial debut in 1993 with "Northern Exposure," and three decades later, he's helmed acclaimed episodes of "The Americans," "Billions," "Fargo," "Justified," and "Succession," to name just a few. Now, he's behind four episodes of the new Paramount+ miniseries, "The Offer," which is about the making of "The Godfather."

Francis Ford Coppola Had To Cut Marlon Brando's The Godfather Part II Cameo

After the financial and critical success of "The Godfather," audiences eagerly awaited the sequel. The original author and screenwriter, Mario Puzo, had begun the script before the first film was released (via Oscars). In "Godfather: The Intimate Francis Ford Coppola" by Gene Phillips, Puzo relayed his idea for the sequel:

M. Night Shyamalan Paid Homage To A Forgotten Marlon Brando And Jack Nicholson Western

A beach that makes you old sounds right in the wheelhouse of M. Night Shyamalan, the filmmaker who gave us aliens that emit poison gas from their wrists in "Signs" and airborne plant toxins that make you kill yourself in "The Happening." And a beach that makes you old is the premise at the heart of Shyamalan's movie "Old," itself loosely based on the French comic book "Sandcastle" written by Pierre Oscar Levy and illustrated by Frederik Peeters.

Natasha Lyonne Recalls Unseen Marlon Brando Cameo Cut From Scary Movie 2

Natasha Lyonne is best known for starring in the hit Netflix shows Russian Doll and Orange is the New Black, the first two American Pie movies, and the cult hit But I'm a Cheerleader, but some film fans may recognize her from The Exorcist parody scene that opened Scary Movie 2. In the sequence, which is unrelated to the rest of the film really, Lyonne plays a parody of the possessed Regan MacNeil who attempts to have her soul saved by two priests, plaited by James Woods and Andy Richter. Speaking in a new interview though Lyonne opened up about which legendary actor was originally cast in the scene Academy Award winner Marlon Brando.

Natasha Lyonne Recalls Odd Marlon Brando Cameo in ‘Scary Movie 2’: ‘I Don’t Know What He Was Thinking’

Click here to read the full article. Oscar-winner Marlon Brando was originally set to star in “Scary Movie 2” shortly before his death in 2004. And while Brando certainly could have been a contender for big laughs in the role, co-star Natasha Lyonne recalled an awkward yet “A-OK” experience with the screen legend. “I have a VHS copy of the dailies that I got because Marlon Brando’s final role — sadly for him, but luckily for me — is doing this ‘Exorcist’ opening teaser,” Lyonne told Entertainment Weekly. “I don’t know what he was thinking, really.” Brando played a priest alongside Andy Richter...

Dennis Hopper reveals why Apocalypse Now star Marlon Brando hated him

Dennis Hopper and his Apocalypse Now co-star Marlon Brando did not get on, but why? Was it that the conditions were less than ideal on the set of the war movie? Well, we all know that was true, but the rest of the cast didn’t fall out over it. No, the reason they hated each other comes down to a little red book and big misunderstanding between Brando and Hopper.

Why Apocalypse Now's Marlon Brando And Dennis Hopper Refused To Share A Set

Taking over three years to shoot and edit, the production of "Apocalypse Now" was riddled with squabbles, controversies, and disaster — from star Martin Sheen nearly dying of a heart attack to a deadly hurricane destroying sets. Francis Ford Coppola's fortune and mental health was at stake as he tried to keep everything afloat, including his temperamental cast.