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Mark White | Districts and a Hard Place

In the “Our View” editorial from The Signal editorial board (April 16), several points were made concerning the City Council’s decision to settle the most recent lawsuit over district elections. From being “stuck” to having “no choice, pragmatically,” the editorial board has seemingly omitted several pertinent facts and did not provide a detailed historical context to the current lawsuit and settlement.
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Mark White | Districts: It’s About Time

I was watching the Santa Clarita City Council meeting Tuesday evening and it was nice to see that after over six years and a second lawsuit, our City Council finally made the correct decision – district elections for the City Council. Unfortunately, we are now paying again to settle a lawsuit that could have been avoided had our City Council acted sooner and directed the staff to start the process anytime in the last six-plus years. Only with the threat of a potential lawsuit did the City Council finally begin to comment on this in early 2020 but then the pandemic hit, and the can was kicked down the road for another two years. When the latest lawsuit was filed at the end of 2021, the City Council started a discussion and after almost four months finally acted – at a cost.
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Mark White named Emergency Manager of the Year

It doesn’t matter if it’s the church choir or serving as a board member for local hospitals, fire associations or criminal justice groups, if Mark White is involved the job definitely gets done. “Whatever I’m involved with I really like to get my hands in and see things happen,” White,...

Texas Governor Series: Mark White

Mark White was the governor who succeeded Bill Clements' first term in office. White was a member of a prominent Houston law firm. On his first political venture he defeated Price Daniel, Jr. for attorney general. This was a surprise to everyone. It was believed Price Daniel, Jr. was shoo-in to be elected following in the footsteps of his father, Governor Price Daniel. White went on to defeat Bill Clements in a close race for governor, running primarily on promises to enhance the lot of Texas school teachers and better education. As White's term continued, there began to be muttering among teachers claiming that White had failed in his promise to give teachers pay raises and generally improve the lot of public education in Texas.

Mark White: Save yourselves

It's time to come together. White supremacists and Black Lives Matter; religious and atheists; Democrats and Republicans; businesses and ecologists; men and women; etc., because none of your causes and concerns rival working to save our planet. Dennis Brady and Sarah Kaplan are sending a message from the United Nations...

Player Previews in 100 Days – Day 68: Mark White, Pottsgrove HS

2020 Stats: 23 tackles 3 sacks (4 games) Coaches comments: Mark is a pleasure to work with as he comes to work every day with the right attitude and mentality and the coaching staff expects Mark to make an even larger impact on both sides of the ball in the 2021 season.

Father Mark White continues to fight for his faith

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. (WSET) — It has now been a year since Father Mark White led his parishioners during Catholic Mass. Bishop Barry Knestout removed Father White from overseeing parishes in Martinsville and Rocky Mount in 2020. "A lot of us Catholics have lost respect for the upper level of...
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WATCH NOW: Father Mark White brings in a sexual-abuse victim to tell his story of 'all the worst stuff'

Chris O’Leary was 11 years old when, he says, Father LeRoy Valentine raped him in the rectory of a Catholic church in a suburb of St. Louis. That was more than 40 years ago. Now in his 50s, O’Leary stood in front of about 75 people at the Grand Fiesta Venue on Greensboro Road in Ridgeway on Sunday afternoon and told his story of the physical abuse he endured at the hands of Valentine and then emotional aftereffects brought on by how the church handled it.