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SoCal Congressman Mark Takano Has Introduced A 4-Day Workweek Bill

Riverside Congressman Mark Takano has proposed new legislation that will reduce workweeks from 40 to 32 hours. The concept of a 4-day workweek might shift from a utopian dream to reality in the near future as Congressman Mark Takano proposes a new bill. This new legislation would trim 40-hour workweeks to 32 hours and compensate workers for any overtime. With the concept gaining momentum around the globe, Takano believes it’s high time to relook the outdated Fair Labor Standards Act —which hasn’t been updated since 1940. While this may not shorten workweeks, it may improve pay, employee wellbeing and get more people into the job market.
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Rep. Mark Takano: I regard everything in these bills like my children

It’s back to the negotiating table for Democrats as they work to pass two key pieces of Pres. Biden’s economic agenda: The bipartisan infrastructure bill and the “Build Back Better” spending package that would invest in social safety net programs and climate initiatives. With West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema continuing to prevent the party from moving forward, California Democratic Congressman Mark Takano tells Maria Teresa Kumar that those two “need to be more clear and transparent about what it is they’re for”. Oct. 10, 2021.

The Issue Is: Rep. Katie Porter, Brian Tyler Cohen, Michael Knowles, Sec. Denis Mcdonough, Rep. Mark Takano

LOS ANGELES - Another week of "The Issue Is," another week of a political line-up you won’t see anywhere else on TV. First, following a devastating oil spill off the coast of Orange County, Congresswoman Katie Porter (D-CA) joins Elex Michaelson to discuss the on-going investigation into the leak’s cause, holding the responsible parties accountable, as well as the latest from inside the contentious budget battle on Capitol Hill.
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Southern California congressman Mark Takano proposes 32-hour work week

The average American’s work week would be eight hours shorter under a bill from Rep. Mark Takano, D-Riverside. Takano recently introduced legislation that would create a 32-hour work week for most Americans. The Thirty-Two Hour Workweek Act would do this by lowering the threshold that triggers overtime pay from 40 hours to 32 hours under the federal Fair Labor Practices Act, which applies to most workers with certain exemptions — independent contractors and gig workers, for example.

Congressman Mark Takano Talks About His Dream For A Four-Day Workweek

Democratic Congressman Mark Takano has joined a growing movement to push for a four-day workweek. In an interview with Takano, he said, “I’ve been dreaming about this.”. Takano introduced legislation on Wednesday that would reduce the standard workweek from 40 hours to 32 hours. “A shorter workweek would benefit both employers and employees alike,” he said. Takano pointed out, “Pilot programs run by governments and businesses across the globe have shown promising results, as productivity climbed and workers reported better work-life balance, less need to take sick days, heightened morale, and lower childcare expenses because they had more time with their family and children.”