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Profits cause high health care costs -- Mark Quinn

Dr. Eric Stader's column in Sunday’s Opinion section, "Reduce runaway health costs," lamented the high cost of health care in this country but failed to cite as a significant cause the profits to the doctors and the health care providers. The insurance companies pass along these costs to individuals...
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Nation is relieved by midterm results -- Mark Quinn

A majority of Americans felt a general sigh of relief as they saw many extremist Republicans go down in defeat after the Nov. 8 elections. Democrats, independents and maybe even some Republicans voted down those who denied the election of President Joe Biden. They voted down those who denied the seriousness of the Jan. 6 insurrection, who denied climate change caused by humans, and who denied a woman’s reproductive rights.
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Johnson is out of touch with voters -- Mark Quinn

Some must be very curious why Republicans seem to universally support the re-election of U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh. It’s understandable if one has traditionally voted along party lines and so one would almost blindly pull the lever for your party in each election. But Johnson isn’t typical of your traditional Republican from our middle of the road state.
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'Freedoms' make society less safe -- Mark Quinn

Another week, another mass shooting in our country. No big surprise for us Americans who need to live in a atmosphere of continual danger, enabled by our society’s perceived "freedoms." The recent killings in Highland Park, Illinois, by another disturbed young white man shines a light on how this...

GOP has become anti-democracy party -- Mark Quinn

Something terribly wrong has happened to the Republican Party. Analysts are now comparing this once Grand Old Party to the political parties that hold sway in anti-democratic countries such as Hungry and Turkey. The two leaders of those countries captured their hold on their countries first by denouncing any media...
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Blame GOP and court for gun deaths -- Mark Quinn

President Joe Biden asked exactly the right question after the latest mass killing in Texas: "When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?" He could also ask which political party is almost universally supportive of the gun lobby, and which is so instrumental in America’s weak gun laws? The Republican Party is in the hip pocket of the NRA. Whenever we suffer another mass shooting, legislation is brought forward to ban mass-killing weapons, limit the amount of ammunition someone can buy, improve background checks or outlaw body armor for personal use. These efforts are stopped by Republicans.

Political parties aren't comparable -- Mark Quinn

Some like to argue that all politics is unsavory and that both major political parties are equal in being guilty in their cynical approach toward their role in today’s political arena. But a closer look at a few of today’s national issues reveals that the Democrats and Republicans stand a world apart.

GOP bills wouldn't improve elections -- Mark Quinn

In last Sunday’s column "Evers blew chance to improve elections," two members of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, a conservative organization aligned with the state Republican Party, tried to make a case against Gov. Tony Evers many vetoes of Republican efforts to "improve elections." Tony Evers blew...