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A Nice Chat With Mark McKinney On ‘Kids In The Hall’ And The ‘Comedy Punks’ Documentary

There was something lovely about seeing people talk anew about the brilliance of The Kids In The Hall last week when the iconic Canadian sketch group made their return with a new season (available on Amazon Prime) a mere quarter-century and change after their previous finale. There’s a real sense of pride and humanity that swells when you realize other people like the thing you like (and have liked your whole life). That they get it. Kids In The Hall is now and forever a thing built for a specific audience with specific tastes. Never mainstream or conformist. That’s part of their charm. Part of why the new documentary about the troop, Comedy Punks, is so perfectly titled. And perfectly timed, too, coming out a week after the new season (the doc is also on Amazon Prime) to keep that conversation going, reminding fans that the Kids are back while, at the same time, illuminating their origins, feuds, reunions, and overall us against the world ethos.

Mark McKinney recalls Jimmy Fallon working as a sound guy on a student film in the mid-1990s

The Kids in the Hall star and SNL alum said Fallon was just as giggly then as he was on Saturday Night Live. “1996, I was on Saturday Night Live,” recalled McKinney on The Tonight Show. “Someone asked me to do a student film in Troy, New York, in the middle of winter, so, naturally, I said yes. And I went up there, and there was a sound guy doing the boom who had a lot of energy. Like way, way too much energy. And that was Jimmy Fallon.”
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Chef Mark McKinney Is Opening a Vegan Restaurant in Philadelphia This Fall

This vegan chef is transforming his original pop-up into a restaurant concept in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!. Last Winter, vegan chef Mark McKinney launched Primary Plant Based as a pop-up inside the Khyber Pass Pub Kitchen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Now, he is opening a brick-and-mortar version of Primary Plant Based, which will be housed at 161 W Girard Ave on Philadelphia’s Kensington-Northern Liberties border. The restaurant is slated to open in fall 2021 and will be BYOB.