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Tory MP Mark Francois uses racial slur in House of Commons

A Conservative MP has come under fire for using a racial slur to describe the Japanese during a session in the House of Commons.“Given the defence budget is likely to come under great pressure, why does it take BAE Systems 11 years to build a ship the J*** can build in four,” Mark Francois said.The former Armed Forces minister made the comment during questions to Ben Wallace on Monday, 7 November.Sir Lindsay Hoyle rebuked the MP, saying the word “should not be used.”Click here to sign up for our newsletters. Read More Elon Musk urges ‘independent-minded’ followers to vote Republican in midterms‘I voted for that guy!’: John Fetterman’s wife leaves polling station with himMoment filmmaker and photographer are arrested while covering Just Stop Oil protest
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Tory MP Mark Francois criticised for using 'outdated' racial slur

Tory MP Mark Francois has been criticised for using an "outdated" racial slur in the House of Commons. Mr Francois said he meant "no disrespect or offence" when he referred to Japanese people as "Japs" in the chamber on Monday. Labour's Sarah Owen, the first MP of South-East Asian descent,...
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Tory MP Mark Francois accused of using 'crass racial slur' in Commons

A Labour MP asked the Speaker how to "discourage" the use of "racial slurs after Tory MP Mark Francois made a derogatory reference to Japanese people 24 hours previously. Sarah Owen, the first MP of South East Asian ancestry, referred to Mr Francois' use of the word "Japs" in a defence procurement debate.
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Mark Francois says Northern Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis should resign

Mark Francois has called on Brandon Lewis to resign over the failure to bring forward legislation to protect former soldiers from repeated investigation and prosecutions. The Conservative MP said the Northern Ireland secretary had broken his word to bring forward a bill, and so he had "no honourable option" but to resign.

Mark Francois to self-publish Brexit book turned down by ‘Remain-biased’ publishers

Conservative MP Mark Francois is to self-publish a memoir of his own role in the battle for Brexit – claiming he was turned down by book industry people who did not want the UK to quit the EU.The leading Brexiteer, chair of the European Research Group (ERG) of Tory Eurosceptics, said Remain-biased publishing houses turned down his book Spartan Victory.“I wrote it during lockdown and it’s basically about the battle for Brexit – the three-year battle in parliament and media to honour the result of the referendum,” Mr Francois told The Telegraph’s Chopper’s Politics podcast.Explaining that he approached a couple...

Mark Francois self-publishes Brexit memoir, claiming Remainer publishers turned it down

A leading Conservative Eurosceptic MP is on Friday self-publishing his memoir covering the epic struggle to deliver on the 2016 referendum, claiming that Remain-biased publishers refused to touch it. Mark Francois was one of 28 Tories who refused all entreaties to back Theresa May's Brexit deal on the grounds that...