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Mark Emmert Wouldn’t Change, but NCAA Must With New Leader

Click here to read the full article. Today’s guest columnist is Ed O’Bannon. I wish Mark Emmert well on his retirement, but his term as head of the NCAA will leave a lot to be desired. I’m very familiar with Emmert and the worldview he represented. I brought a federal case for name, image and likeness rights for college athletes, including those who had been featured in video games without their consent, let alone pay. I remember during our trial in Oakland in 2014 how much Emmert struggled on the witness stand. I honestly felt bad for him. Emmert argued that college athletes shouldn’t...

Sporticast: Military Mulls College Sports Takeover, Mark Emmert Steps Down

Click here to read the full article. On the latest Sporticast episode, hosts Scott Soshnick and Eben Novy-Williams discuss some of the biggest sports business stories of the week, including a recent Sportico story about an initiative, pitched by a Department of Defense contractor, suggesting that the U.S. military fund tens of thousands of athletic scholarships in exchange for mandatory service when the athletes are done with school. The idea, the brainchild of Houston-based Orchestra Macrosystems, suggests that the government offer to pay all of the scholarships currently funded by schools in sports outside of football and basketball. The goal would be...

Tossing Mark Emmert overboard not enough to save sinking NCAA

The NCAA announced on Tuesday that president Mark Emmert is stepping down. Maybe this is just me being naive, but it would be nice if the next person in that position could actually do something for the benefit of student-athletes. Seems simple, right?. Well, before you answer that question, the...
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WSU's Kirk Schulz not interested in replacing Mark Emmert as NCAA president

Who will replace Mark Emmert as president of the NCAA?. Whoever it is, it probably won’t be Washington State University President Kirk Schulz. Schulz was floated as a potential candidate by a few national media outlets, including the Athletic. In an article published Tuesday that references the feelings of...
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Jumbo Package: Good riddance, Mark Emmert: Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you

The NFL Draft begins tonight, a/k/a Nick Saban’s Process paying off at the individual level. 39 (and 106) – Since the 2009 NFL Draft, the Crimson Tide has produced 39 first-round picks and 106 total draft selections over the last 13 years. Those totals are the most by any program in college football during that span. Saban has coached more first-round draft picks than his teams have lost games (25). He has had 129 of his players drafted at Alabama and LSU, which gives him the most of any SEC coach, passing Ole Miss’ Johnny Vaught (123). With as many as 10 players set to be drafted, Saban will pad his lead to double digits this week.

Paul Finebaum Has 2-Word Message For Mark Emmert

If you thought Paul Finebaum would be upset to see NCAA president Mark Emmert resign… you’re probably not familiar with his work. On his Wednesday radio show, the college football personality gave Emmert one last kick on his way out the door; going on a diatribe that could best be summed up by two words: “Good riddance.”