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IFC Films Acquires Mel Eslyn’s Directorial Debut ‘Biosphere’ Starring Mark Duplass, Sterling K. Brown

IFC Films has acquired North American rights to the sci-fi pic Biosphere, marking the feature directorial debut of award-winning producer Mel Eslyn (The One I Love). The film is slated for release in 2023, and will stream exclusively on AMC+ following its debut in theaters. World premiering at this year’s Toronto Film Festival, Biosphere is set in the not-too-distant future, watching as the last two men on earth must adapt and evolve to save humanity. Emmy winners Mark Duplass (The Morning Show) and Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us) star. Best known as the long-time president of Duplass Brothers Productions, Eslyn directed...

Hari Nef to Star as East German Trans Performer in Podcast ‘Lina’s Song,‘ From Executive Producer Mark Duplass

Click here to read the full article. Trailblazing trans actor Hari Nef will headline “Lina’s Song,” a new scripted podcast from executive producer Mark Duplass, set in the ’80s punk scene of East Berlin. “Lina’s Song” is set to premiere on Spotify and Apple Podcasts on Aug. 19. The three-part narrative podcast stars Nef as Lina, a trans nightclub performer in 1980s East Berlin who dreams of crossing over the Berlin Wall to freedom. Hearkening back to the style of a vintage radio show, “Lina’s Song” is “an immersive story steeped in the excess and romantic intrigue of the Berlin punk...
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Mark Duplass Celebrates 'The Morning Show' & Talks Season Three

Apple TV+ recently renewed The Morning Show after two hit seasons. Mark Duplass captivates audiences as Jennifer Aniston’s producer, Chip. "I haven't read anything. They haven't told me what going to happen yet. I just love my cast and anyone I get to do scenes with... is great for me," Duplass said.

"Pretzel and the Puppies" Stars Mark Duplass & Nasim Pedrad

“Pretzel and the Puppies” is a new Apple TV+ series based on a classic kids book by the creators of “Curious George.” The new story follows a modern dog family led by stay-at-home dad, Pretzel, the world’s longest dachshund. We spoke with the voices behind the stars of “Pretzel and the Puppies” Nasim Pedrad and Mark Duplass.

Mark Duplass gets animated with 'Pretzel and the Puppies'

7NewsDC — You know Mark Duplass from hit series including "The Morning Show," "The League," and "The Mindy Project," but now he's getting animated! You can currently catch him voicing the lead character in Apple TV+'s "Pretzel and the Puppies." We also spoke with Mark about his work on "The Morning Show" and producing HBO's "Somebody Somwhere."

'Pretzel And The Puppies' Trailer Has Mark Duplass, Nasim Pedrad In Apple TV+'s Latest Animated Series

This February, Apple TV+ is going to the dogs. Based on the classic book series by Margret and H.A. Rey — best known as the creators behind Curious George — Pretzel and the Puppies follows a modern dog family led by stay-at-home pup Pretzel and hard-working mom Greta, the mayor of Muttgomery, as they work hard to raise their five Dachshund puppies. Being a parent is never easy, even (or especially) when you’re a dog. This pre-school-friendly animated series invites viewers young and old to em-bark on a fun animated adventure. Now, audiences can get their first look at this upcoming streaming series courtesy of a new, lively, and even musical trailer!

‘Pretzel And The Puppies’: Apple TV+ Sets Preschool Series With Mark Duplass & Nasim Pedrad; Unveils Trailer & Premiere Date

Mark Duplass and Nasim Pedrad will voice a couple of Dachshunds for Apple TV+’s Pretzel and the Puppies. The animated family series  comes from HarperCollins Productions (Carmen Sandiego, The Oregon Trail), part of HarperCollins Publishers. On Monday, the Apple streaming service revealed that it has ordered a preschool series that is based on the titular canine character of the book Pretzel, by Curious George creators Margret and H.A. Rey. Pretzel and the Puppies is a new story about the modern dog family led by stay-at-home dad Pretzel (Duplass), his five adorable Dachshund puppies, and mom Greta (Pedrad), the mayor of Muttgomery. The official...

‘The Morning Show’ Star Mark Duplass Says Chip Has “Very Confusing Feelings” for Jennifer Aniston’s Alex

The Morning Show Season 2 reaches its midpoint this week on Apple TV+, with a wild episode following Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) as she journeys to Las Vegas to moderate the Democratic Presidential Primary debates. What Alex doesn’t know is that COVID-19 is on the horizon. What Alex does know, though, is that she’s not going to whether any storms coming her way without the friendship and help of long-time producer Chip Black (Mark Duplass).

Mark Duplass on 'The Morning Show' Season 2 and the Kind of Marvel or DC Movie He’d Like to Make

With The Morning Show now streaming new episodes on Apple TV+, I recently spoke with Mark Duplass about what fans can look forward to on Season 2 of the Emmy-winning drama series. During the interview, he talked about the many things Season 2 deals with, what fans would be surprised to learn about the making of the show, if his storyline got changed when they reworked the script due to COVID, what it’s like filming the emotional charged scenes with Jennifer Aniston, his thoughts on Alex Levy (Aniston’s character), and more. In addition, he talks about being in John Cassavetes mode because he’s using the money he makes from acting to finance his own movies and wanting to make a Marvel or DC movie that focuses on the interpersonal relationships.

Interview with Mark Duplass & Natalie Morales of ‘Language Lessons’

Interview with Mark Duplass & Natalie Morales of ‘Language Lessons’. A chat with Adam & Cariño. One of my favorite films of 2021 is this wonderful little gem called Language Lessons, directed by and starring Cuban-American actress / filmmaker Natalie Morales, and co-starring Mark Duplass. I first saw this at the Berlin Film Festival earlier in the year and instantly fell for it, writing a glowing review back in March. I’ve been raving about it all year, telling everyone else to watch it and enjoy it. I would go so far as to say it’s the best pandemic-inspired Zoom-screen film out of any made in the last two years. Mostly because the story is a meaningful story about connection, and it’s not just using Zoom as a gimmick. I haven’t done any new interviews in a long time, but when I was offered the chance to talk with Natalie and Mark – I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I did this interview the day I arrived in Venice for this year’s Venice Film Festival, and I still took the time to chat with them and ask them about making this film.

Mark Duplass Talks ‘Language Lessons’: A Pandemic Movie for People Sick of Pandemic Movies

Mark Duplass is in love with a lot of people. He’s in love with his wife, yes, but he also wants the world to know that you can also be in love with your friends. “Language Lessons” is his and Natalie Morales’ ode to the platonic. As co-writers and co-stars with Morales directing, they developed their characters separately, then came back together to see how the two would collide. Morales drew up a woman nicknamed Cariño, named for a Spanish word for “affection,” who has trust issues but still craves love. Duplass devised Adam, a shy but loving man who’s desperate for...