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Marion Cotillard Wears Micro Shorts, Tights & Heels at Chanel’s Haute Couture Show in Paris

Click here to read the full article. Marion Cotillard attended the 2022 Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris on Tuesday wearing a quintessential Chanel look. The French actress and producer arrived at the couture show with a whirlwind of other famous guests. The show featured 45 different looks ranging from sparkling tweed sets, to bright evening gowns fitted with massive pockets. Cotillard, a Chanel ambassador, wore black short shorts secured in place with a black and gold Chanel belt. The bottoms were layered over sheer black tights, the styling and fit a staple of Chanel’s brand. The French native donned a pastel...
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Marion Cotillard On The Familial Mysteries Of Hatred In Arnaud Desplechin's Brother And Sister [Interview]

This year at the Cannes Film Festival, complicated family bonds were laid bare for all to see. Arnaud Desplechin's new film "Brother and Sister" — also known in French as "Frère Et Soeur" — was one of several fest films exploring what it means to love, hate, and question the people closest to us, for better or worse. The movie follows Alice (Marion Cotillard) and Louis (Melvil Poupaud), siblings in their mid-fifties who have been estranged for over 20 years. Alice harbors a deep hatred for Louis, yet the true reasons for her feelings are mysterious to everyone but them. When their parents become victims of a terrible car accident, the siblings are forced to face their estrangement head-on and do their best to rectify the actions that have led them to this place of resentment.
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‘Brother and Sister’ Review: Marion Cotillard Has a Severe Case of Sibling Rivalry in an Overwrought Melodrama

Click here to read the full article. Whatever other flaws “Brother and Sister” may have, you absolutely cannot accuse it of being slow to build. Within its first 10 minutes, two estranged siblings bawl each other out at a dead child’s wake, one declaring the other “an indecent monster”; a screechingly staged single-vehicle car crash imperils an elderly couple and paralyzes a teenage driver; then, a barrelling truck at the scene brings further tragedy. Even before we’ve had time to gather the principals’ names, French director Arnaud Desplechin’s latest dysfunctional family tableau makes no bones about its dialed-to-11 melodramatic agenda;...

Brother and Sister review – sibling battle with Marion Cotillard that leaves us all losers

Arnaud Desplechin has once again wheeled his bizarre sweet trolley into the Cannes restaurant: another clotted confection of tragi-romantic-comic gibberish. Desplechin is a Cannes fixture and his weirdly indulgent jeux d’esprit certainly give the competition a flavour of sorts. But this is exasperatingly nonsensical and humourless: it is full of grand gestures, gigantically self-important acting, big scenes (though often bafflingly truncated), big emotions and smirkingly knowing dialogue. Yet I admit there is technique and gusto to the way it is put together.

Marion Cotillard, Cyril Dion, Magali Payen Launch Newtopia With Strong First Slate of Projects (EXCLUSIVE)

Oscar-winning producer and activist Marion Cotillard is joining forces with filmmaker Cyril Dion and producer Magali Payen to launch Newtopia, a production company that aims at delivering movies, series and shorts with socially relevant themes. The Paris-based company’s first slate of ambitious projects include Dion’s geopolitical thriller “Le Grand vertige,”...

'Brother and Sister' Trailer Reveals Challenging Family Dynamics Played Out By Marion Cotillard and Melvin Poupaud

French filmmaker Arnaud Desplechin is preparing to unveil his latest cinematic piece, Brother and Sister, at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. Starring Melvil Poupaud and Marion Cotillard as the titular characters, the drama will follow the entanglements of two siblings whose relationship has been torn apart by a long-running feud. Golshifteh Farahani will also lead, with an ensemble cast consisting of Benjamin Siksou, Patrick Timsit, Abel Joël Cudennec, Cosmina Stratan, Francis Leplay, Max Baissette de Malglaive, Nicolette Picheral, Clément Hervieu-Léger, and Alexandre Pavloff.

‘Brother and Sister’ Trailer: Arnaud Desplechin Directs Marion Cotillard in Cannes Competition Title

Click here to read the full article. An Arnaud Desplechin film showing up in the Cannes competition lineup is as expected as the changing seasons. An Arnaud Desplechin film starring two titans of French cinema, Marion Cotillard and Melvil Poupaud? Even more welcome. “Brother and Sister” is among the main competition titles heading to this year’s festival, which runs May 17 through May 28. Ahead of the film community’s big return to the Croisette, watch the first trailer for the film, exclusive to IndieWire, below. In “Brother and Sister,” or “Frère et Soeur” as it’s known in French, Alice (Cotillard) and...

‘Brother And Sister’ Trailer: Marion Cotillard, Melvil Poupaud & Golshifteh Farahani Star In Arnaud Desplechin’s New Cannes Drama

If you can count on death and taxes, you can also count on French filmmaker Arnaud Desplechin having a new film at the Cannes Film Festival. Desplechin has had ten films play at Cannes either in competition or in other sections, his most recent being 2021’s “Deception” and 2019’s “Oh Mercy.” His latest, “Brother And Sister” (“Frère et Sœur”) stars Marion Cotillard and Melvil Poupaud as estranged siblings who are forced to reunite after 20 years following the death of their parents. It’s been decades of silence between them, but grief, love, and pain bring them back together. This one is definitely playing in competition on the Croisette.