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Dr. Dubrow's Latest Botched Surgery Is Not for the Faint of Heart

Ready to put the past behind her...but it's a full court press for the Botched doctors!. On tonight's June 15 episode, doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow treat Takeema, a patient who was left with a basketball-sized dented derrière after getting a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift in Mexico. "I feel like I'm pulling a trailer behind me," Tekeema explained of her supersized buttock implants.
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Kuma Café pops up at Guild Hotel

Rom Fabreo and Allyson Samfilippo, the husband-and-wife team behind the the 5-year-old downtown San Diego restaurant Kuma Café, have signed a deal for a summerlong menu takeover at The Guild Bar, a lobby bar in the 2-year-old Guild Hotel at 500 W. Broadway in San Diego. Fabreo and Samfilippo met...
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Federal judge blocks Biden moratorium on new oil, gas leases

Iranian warship may be sneaking fuel to Venezuela despite US sanctions: report. World hasn’t reached peak oil: Demand to exceed pre-COVID levels. BlackRock’s ‘No. 1’ goal in ‘woke’ investing: Huge ESG-funds haul. Interior Dept. reportedly will halt Arctic leases sold by Trump. A Louisiana federal judge issued an order lifting...
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Israel Invents Camouflage Tech That Effortlessly Renders Soldiers ‘Invisible’

Israeli survivability technologies firm Polaris Solutions recently unveiled its brand-new camouflage technology, which renders soldiers virtually “invisible” on the battlefield. Working closely with the Israel Defense Ministry, the company created the ‘Kit 300’, an innovative camouflage sheet unlike anything else on the market. According to The Jerusalem Post, the lightweight...