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Mariah Carey impersonates Eminem on TikTok for ‘Obsessed’ anniversary

Mariah Carey dressed up as Eminem on TikTok to mark the anniversary of ‘Obsessed’, her 2009 single that appears to address rumours of their old romance. The singer took to the shortform video platform on Wednesday (June 16) to share her own version of the ‘Wipe It Down’ challenge in which she is seen transforming herself from a housewife to a glammed-up singer – and then suddenly Slim Shady.
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Mariah Carey Transforms Herself From Face Mask and Rollers into Eminem for TikTok Trend

Mariah Carey released her alleged Eminem diss track, "Obsessed," 12 years ago on Wednesday, and the elusive chanteuse celebrated the anniversary with a video of herself doing the "Wipe It Down" TikTok challenge, poking some more fun at the rapper over 10 years later. Carey's clip starts with her wiping down one of the mirrors in her expansive closet while wearing a pink bathrobe and a blue face mask with her hair in curlers.
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Mariah Carey Holds Grudges

Mariah Carey still wants to know why Eminem was so obsessed with her. The legendary singer took the #WipeItDown TikTok challenge and used it to remind the world that, at one time, the Detroit-born rap legend couldn't get her name out of his mouth. Carey started off her TikTok innocently...

Mariah Carey Is Still Obsessed With the #WipeItDown Challenge

Mariah Carey brings back her masc alter ego in this callback to the 2009 “Obsessed” music video. Photo: Mariah Carey/TikTok. Thank you, mother Mariah Carey, for reminding the public that cleaning never goes out of style. The legendary chanteuse brought back the #WipeItDownChallenge with a remix of the TikTok-viral song by BMW Kenny and her very own “Obsessed.” As she wipes the mirror, she comes in with “And I was like, why are you so obsessed with me?” and appears in full glam. Then, one more wipe and she’s M.C., her masc alter ego. “I was so obsessed with wiping things down last year,” she wrote on TikTok. The playful video is in celebration of the 12th anniversary of “Obsessed,” her radio hit from Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel that went to No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2009. Giving celebrity social-media managers everywhere a run for their money, the TikTok calls back to the “Obsessed” video, in which Mariah is stalked by an 8 Mile-looking figure played by her in male clothes. As the legend goes, the song is a clapback to Eminem for repeatedly claiming they had a relationship. Some make diss tracks, others make art.
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Mariah Carey Transforms Into The Bearded Man From Her ‘Obsessed’ Video For ‘Wipe It Down’ Challenge

Mariah Carey, is that you? The iconic singer looked unrecognizable as she transformed into the male persona from her hilarious 2009 video!. Mariah Carey, 51, just threw it back to one of her best music videos ever! The New York native once again donned the prosthetics and costume from her “Obsessed” video as she took on TikTok‘s Wipe It Down challenge. The video opened with Mariah rocking a green face mask and a cozy pink robe (bedazzled with rhinestones) as she begins to clean her mirror. “Wipe, wipe, wipe it down, wipe,” BMW Kenny raps over a beat, as her own tune cuts in. “I was like, why are you so obsessed with me?” Mariah then said along to her song, rocking a low cut gold sequin dress and leather blazer.

Mariah Carey Takes Dig At Eminem On 12th Anniversary Of Diss Track

It looks as though Mariah Carey has once again had a bit of a dig at Eminem while marking the anniversary of her track Obsessed. Check out her video here:. The song, which is believed to be about the rapper, turned 12 recently and in a video to mark the occasion Carey appeared to take a playful swipe at Eminem.

Mariah Carey Celebrates 12th Anniversary Of ‘Obsessed’ With TikTok’s ‘Wipe It Down’ Challenge

Mariah Carey is celebrating the 12th anniversary of her hit song “Obsessed” by joining in on the super popular “Wipe It Down” TikTok challenge. The 51-year-old superstar shared the video on Instagram, writing, “Just for laughs... from last year's lockdown when all I did was wipe things down.” Some fans are speculating that her latest Instagram video is throwing shade at rapper Eminem by dressing as the character in her music video for the song.

Mariah Carey Celebrates Anniversary Of Her Song ‘Obsessed’ & Shades Eminem

Mariah Carey is celebrating the 12th anniversary of her hit song, “Obsessed.”. In a hilarious Tik Tok video, Mariah took on the “wipe me down challenge.” The challenge is simple: the person in the video starts with one outfit, wipes down a mirror, and “suddenly appears” in a new outfit. Then, they wipe again and return to their original outfit. The song is called “Wipe It Down” by BMW Kenny.

Mariah Carey just gave herself a drag makeover and I'm dead

ICYMI, Mariah Carey just reminded everyone that she's a living legend - this time with a drag king transformation. You heard us. Side-note - this is not the first time we've seen mainstream celebrities try out a little drag artistry in 2021. Little Mix also channelled their drag king alter-egos for a music video, to the delight of fans.