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The Regal 1973 Rover P5 That Drove Margaret Thatcher to Power Is Heading to Auction

Click here to read the full article. The car that Margaret Thatcher rode in on the most important day of her of life will soon go up for grabs. Later this month, Silverstone Auctions will sell the 1973 Rover P5 used to drive the Iron Lady to her first meeting with Queen Elizabeth back in 1976. Although it’s a gorgeous example of British engineering of the era, what really puts this commanding saloon over the top is its role in history. The P5 made its debut in 1958 and basically looked the same for the entire 15 years it was in production....
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For Britain’s Tories, the Answer Is Always Margaret Thatcher

After 12 years in power, Britain’s Conservative Party has hit a wall, unsure of what it is and what it stands for, what its mission is supposed to be, and how it’s supposed to fulfill it. Having replaced David Cameron with Theresa May, then May with Boris Johnson, it is now replacing Johnson with one of two candidates, both of whom are—once again—demanding a new direction for the party and, in turn, the country. Never has Benjamin Disraeli’s angry jibe that “a Conservative Government is an organized hypocrisy” seemed so apt.
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Rishi Sunak says Margaret Thatcher was the best Conservative leader during first Tory hustings

Rishi Sunak has said Margaret Thatcher was best leader of the Conservative Party, during the first Tory hustings in Yorkshire.“She delivered multiple election victories and changed this country for the better,” Sunak said. When asked how be thought Thatcher would respond to him being the first chancellor since 1974 to raise corporation tax, Sunak said: “I think she would have responded, as I have done, in gripping inflation first.”Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak went head-to-head in the first official hustings on the evening of 28 July.Click here to sign up for our newsletters. Read More Tory leadership race: Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss support frackingRishi Sunak labels himself the underdog as ‘forces that be’ back Liz TrussBoris Johnson’s highs and lows as prime minister

All the times Liz Truss has been accused of dressing like Margaret Thatcher

Liz Truss is being accused of being like Margaret Thatcher in cosplay once again, after she yesterday reached the last round of the Tory leadership contest.Speaking to BBC Radio 4 on Thursday, the foreign secretary denied the allegation, as Tory members decide whether her or Rishi Sunak should be the next prime minister. "I don’t accept that," she said. "I am my own person."“I’m from a very different background. I grew up in Yorkshire. I went to a comprehensive school. I am somebody who has worked all my life to get things done. And that’s what I want to do...

Liz Truss reminds me of a Tory leader but it’s not Margaret Thatcher

Even the slowest-witted member of the Conservative party must have twigged by now. The pussy-bow blouse she wore to one of the televised debates. All those shriekingly unsubtle snaps of her riding a tank, sitting in a fighter jet and wearing a faux fur hat in Moscow’s Red Square. Added to which are the thudding claims that she is a steely woman of conviction who will bulldoze through establishment obstruction in a heroic mission to save Britain. Liz Truss is not quite so crass as to explicitly call herself the second Margaret Thatcher, but she is very happy to encourage that illusion among Tory members.

How Margaret Thatcher is looming large over Tory leadership race

As the race to replace Boris Johnson continues, it is the legacy of another Conservative leader that looms over both candidates.Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has so far drawn most associations with Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister whose personality and policies defined the last quarter of 20th century Britain.But it was Rishi Sunak who on Saturday appeared to consciously cultivate a more direct link with Mrs Thatcher, giving a speech to the party faithful in her birthplace of Grantham, Lincolnshire.The former chancellor has been quick to associate his own steady-as-she-goes approach to the public finances with Mrs Thatcher, although...

Liz Truss, a Margaret Thatcher fan at UK’s diplomatic helm

LONDON (AP) — Fans of Liz Truss think she is the new Iron Lady. Britain’s foreign secretary is one of the two final contenders to replace Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and prime minister. Some 180,000 party members will be asked to choose either Truss or former Treasury chief Rishi Sunak, with the winner set to be announced Sept. 5.