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Embattled NJ Department of Corrections Commissioner Marcus Hicks resigns

Marcus Hicks, the embattled commissioner of the state Department of Corrections, announced his resignation Tuesday, a day after Gov. Phil Murphy announced the long-troubled Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Hunterdon County will close. Hicks' resignation, effective June 18, came after the state on Monday released an investigative report...
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Statements on the resignation of Marcus Hicks

“The resignation of Commissioner Hicks only addresses half of the leadership failure in the Murphy administration that allowed the abuses and sexual assaults at Edna Mahan to continue for too long.”. ASSEMBLYWOMAN JEAN STANFIELD. “It took Governor Murphy far too long to move on from Commissioner Hicks, and I have...
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Time for Corrections Commissioner Marcus Hicks to Pay Price for Rampant Atrocities at Edna Mahan Facility

Trenton NJ, after testimony and comments from Department of Corrections Commissioner Marcus Hicks and other stakeholders during Thursday’s eight-hour Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing on the conditions at the state’s only women’s prison, Senator Kristin Corrado and Senator Holly Schepisi are demanding Hicks’ ouster. The resignation of the ombudsman responsible for...
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Statements on the testimony of Corrections Commissioner Marcus Hicks

Assembly Judiciary Chairman Raj Mukherji (D-Jersey City) “Today’s hearing confirms the Justice Department report that the pattern of abuse, including rampant sexual abuse, and systemic failures at Edna Mahan constitutes continued violations of the 8th Amendment of the Constitution and basic human rights. No sentence includes abuse or rape, regardless of the crime for which an inmate was convicted. While the Department of Corrections appears to have made progress in implementing remedial measures and the Dignity Act – and a consent decree and federal monitors are imminent – we also learned that the ombudsperson has not seized upon the opportunity to use last year’s robust legislative reforms to effectuate dynamic change and, worse yet, has been derelict in his duty. We will tour the prison later this month. Outside of the committee process, we will continue to interview subject matter experts and fact witnesses alike, including those with firsthand knowledge of the depravities and goings-on at the facility. Our committees’ work is not done. We will reconvene to consider legislative measures that are responsive to the abuses. Our state has failed to protect these women. There is a culture of impunity at Edna Mahan, when there needs to be a culture of accountability.”

Women Elected Officials Demand the Firing of Marcus Hicks

The alleged rape and beatings of six inmates at the state’s women’s prison is becoming a growing political problem for the governor. A group of women leaders and elected officials, including Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, joined together today to demand the firing of Marcus Hicks, the commissioner of the state Corrections.