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Days of Our Lives’ Marci Miller Feels Ya, Fans: Why She Wants the Same Thing for ‘Chabby’ That You Do

The actress is as much of a fan of Chad and Abby as the viewers. You know you’ve become a true supercouple when, not only do you get your own mashup name, the fans go hard at whoever tries to co-op it! If there was any doubt about how huge Days of Our Lives‘ “Chabby” is, just take a look at the fan reactions when Young & Restless tried giving Chance and Abby the same name!
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After a life-changing year, DAYS’s Marci Miller is happily settled back into Salem

Wrapping up her maternity leave and returning to work after giving birth to her first child, daughter Willett James Matteson, evoked mixed feelings from DAYS’s Marci Miller. “I couldn’t get home fast enough, and I still feel that way,” says the new mom. “There’s something inside of you, something on a cellular level, that wants to be there and wants to witness and wants to nurture. It was really hard at first. And your body is still healing and getting back to its normal size. You’re so exhausted because you’re waking up every three hours. Your brain is trying to remember how to learn lines again. All of a sudden it’s, ‘I’m supposed to care about what I look like again? I’ve got to be brushing my teeth and washing my face every day?’ I forgot about that stuff.”
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Tuesday Fast Five With Marci Miller

What is your favorite dessert? “A really good, homemade chocolate chip cookie.”. What phrase do you tend to overuse? “ ‘No pressure.’ My friends make fun of me all the time for that because at the end of every text, I say, ‘No pressure.’ ”. What errand do you hate...
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Quick Take With Marci Miller

Welcome back! How was it to have time at home after giving birth to Willett? “It was much-needed because it was a very steep, and continues to be, a very steep learning curve for me. I did not grow up babysitting or around babies or kids or anything like that, so everything is new. I literally changed my first diaper ever in my life while I was pregnant. I had a friend that had a baby and I was just sitting there pregnant, asking her questions and said, ‘Danielle, I have never changed a diaper,’ and she took me in the back and I changed her kid’s diaper. So, it’s been a lot of Googling, a lot of watching classes and things, but then on the connection/emotional side, it’s just so fulfilling. My husband took time off of work, as well, so we were able to have four hands on deck full-time and just really pore over this little person. And that feels good as a mom to know at the very least, I’m doing everything I possibly can.”

Marci Miller Back to ‘Days of our Lives’

Ever since Chad and Abigail shared an emotional goodbye in May on “Days of our Lives,” Chabby fans have been wondering when they’d finally get to see Abigail’s portrayer Marci Miller back on screen after she had gone on maternity leave following the birth of her daughter, Willett “Willie” James Matteson, born in March, with husband Ryan Matteson. Turns out the wait is almost over!

DAYS Star Marci Miller Gives Birth To a Daughter!

Congratulations to DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Marci Miller (Abigail) on the birth of her first child! The actress and her husband, Ryan Matteson, welcomed daughter Willet James on March 13. The couple shared coordinating baby announcements on their Instagram posts on March 28. “And just like that, we see in...

‘Days of our Lives’ Star Marci Miller Announces Birth of Daughter, Shares Beautiful First Photos

Huge congratulations go out to “Days of our Lives” star Marci Miller (Abigail Deveraux) and her husband Ryan Matteson on not just the birth of their first child together, daughter Willett “Willie” James Matteson, but their ability to keep Miller’s pregnancy out of the public space the entire time! That’s not an easy feat in the age of social media.