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Marc Rebillet Announces 2022 Fall Tour Dates

Marc Rebillet is gearing up for a big set at Bonnaroo Music Festival this weekend and just announced a massive tour for this fall following some other choice festival dates this summer. He’s doing Badlands Music Festival, HARD Summer, Life is Beautiful and Music Midtown, then taking a couple weeks off before starting his own Fall run.
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Band in the USA: Marc Rebillet loops back around for a fall tour

As we mentioned a few weeks ago when we hyped his new talk show, it’s been a real treat to witness the rise of Marc Rebillet — especially since this isn’t exactly the age of the success story. The Texas-born improvisational musician and bona-fide sex magnet has gone from performing wacky electro-pop songs about fucking to bemused brewery crowds to appearing on big-ticket festivals, and seems like the one and only thing our divided society can come together and agree on. The man is legit and deserves all the things.
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Marc Rebillet is Collaborating with Tenacious D

Marc Rebillet is about to take up with one of the most entertaining acts in the industry, Tenacious D. The duo, consisting of Jack Black and Kyle Glass, is set to join Marc Rebillet on his show We’ve Got Company, which has been airing live on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel.

White Noise: Erykah Badu Joins Marc Rebillet On ‘We’ve Got Company.’

Cinco De Mayo Brings Parade To Oak Cliff This Weekend, Drummer JD Beck Announces Album Release, Dallas Zoo Brings Back Safari Nights & More. Two days from now, we’ll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Although it’s primarily celebrated in the United States, it’s a holiday meant to commemorate the anniversary of Mexico’s win over the French Empire in 1862 — normally celebrated with some tacos and a margarita.
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Marc Rebillet Is Making An Album

The inimitable Marc Rebillet is recording an album - not a big deal, you might think, but he wants people to come and make it happen with him! The recording sessions are open to applicants and will be live streamed in all their glory from his studio in Brooklyn NY. There are four sessions coming up, some featuring special guest appearances - more details below:

Marc Rebillet Wants You to Watch Him Record His Debut Album—In Person

Marc Rebillet is known for offering fans unique live music experiences, but he's outdone himself this time. Loop Daddy is hosting a contest that will allow 12 lucky fans to watch him record his debut album in Brooklyn, New York. According to a press release, that group will be the first-ever studio audience to witness a debut album being written in action.

Concert – Marc Rebillet is Back at 1015!

We no longer need to introduce Marc Rebillet, also known as Loop Daddy, this French-American musician, king of improvisation during his concerts! After his Quarantine Livestream Tour on Twitch during the pandemic, we can’t wait to see him at this live concert!!. Scheduled at Outside Lands last October, he...

Loop Master Marc Rebillet Made a Career in Quarantine

Because if there's anything better than making music in your underwear, we don't know what it is. Electronic musician, YouTuber and viral social media sensation Marc Rebillet’s been a full-time musician for three years, yet, contrary to the most established acts in the biz, managed to actually bolster his career mid-pandemic. In a sit-down on The Carlos Watson Show with OZY CEO and co-founder Carlos Watson, Rebillet reveals how. You can find some of the best cuts from the conversation below, and the full interview can be found on the show’s podcast feed.

White Noise: Marc Rebillet Featured In Super Bowl Ad.

NBC Confuses Mickey Guyton With Jhené Aiko, Fort Worth Chef Tim Love Opens New Venue, Selena Gomez Collabs With Coldplay And More. Even if you’re not into sports (guilty 🙋) the Super Bowl had some exciting appearances from Dallas’ own. First off, Arlington-born, Grammy- nominated country queen Mickey Guyton was given the honor of singing The National Anthem, as we mentioned last week.

Marc Rebillet at Manchester O2 Apollo

Scroll down to see all ticket options and prices. See a full list of Marc Rebillet events here. Staying the night in Manchester? Find somewhere near Manchester's O2 Apollo for this Marc Rebillet show. Explore your options on the map above and Book Your (Fully Refundable) Concert Hotel Today!. Address:...

Marc Rebillet at Glasgow O2 Academy Glasgow

Scroll down to see all ticket options and prices. See a full list of Marc Rebillet events here. Official face value from £27.70. Resale tickets from £82.84. Address: Glasgow O2 Academy Glasgow, 121 Eglington Street, Glasgow, G5 9NT. Telephone: 0141 418 3000. Venue Capacity: 2500. The O2 Academy...
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Watch Marc Rebillet Stream From His Huge New Studio

Marc Rebillet has made some moves! The beloved performer, who also goes by Loop Daddy, hopped on a new stream yesterday, and it’s the first one coming from his brand new, 1900-square-foot studio. This studio is so new in fact, that it doesn’t have anything set up in it...