Marc Bolan


Jennifer Lopez, Marc Bolan, Lil Baby Documentaries Set To Premiere At Tribeca 2022

The slate for this year’s Tribeca Film Festival has been revealed, and a number of music-related documentaries are set to premiere there. The opening night film will be a new doc about Jennifer Lopez called Halftime that uses her 2020 Super Bowl halftime show as a jumping off point to reflect on the performer and actress’ more recent career. It’ll later debut on Netflix.

‘Marc Bolan: Destined For Fame’ Recounts The Brief Life And Career Of T. Rex’s Perfect Rock Star

Marc Bolan was the perfect rock star. Fey and impish but with a cocksure swagger, equally comfortable gently strumming an acoustic guitar or peeling off licks on his iconic orange Les Paul, he was Ziggy Stardust or Johnny from Bad Company’s “Shooting Star” made flesh, rising like a helium balloon to the top of the charts only to die a couple weeks shy of 30, leaving behind a good looking corpse and several album’s worth of very excellent music. Issuing records under the band name T. Rex, Bolan’s songs have been covered by everyone from Bauhaus to Duran Duran spin-off The Power Station to The Replacements to Guns N’ Roses, speaking to the diverse impact of his influence.

Take A Rare Look At David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Marc Bolan, And Other Cultural Heroes Through The Singular Lens Of Masayoshi Sukita

His head tilted to the viewer’s right, David Bowie’s direct, forward gaze evokes solitude and introspection, at odds with the flamboyance of his flaming red coif and elaborate, patterned jacket. Another Bowie donning the same attire stands to his left, highlighting his chiseled profile and staring past the viewer’s right. Legendary Japanese photographer Masayoshi Sukita stunningly captures the dialectic and myriad stage and private personas of the rock god at his creative zenith.