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Why Marc Benioff shouldn’t be surprised by Salesforce’s DEI issues

Marc Benioff was surprised by claims made in February that Salesforce's culture was discriminatory against Black employees. At least, that's what he told Fortune in a profile published on Thursday. It's the first time the outspoken CEO, who prides himself on supporting a variety of progressive causes, has publicly commented...

Force of nature: How the unstoppable Marc Benioff fueled Salesforce’s stratospheric rise

A handful of Salesforce executives are also milling about; they’re here for a meeting with Benioff too. One of them, the company’s chief design officer, is joining via videoconference. His floating face appears on a monitor that’s been wheeled out for the meeting. Every once in a while, he pipes up: “Is Marc there?” It’s not clear where the CEO is, or what he’s doing. But no one seems fazed by his absence. Thirty minutes go by. An hour passes. Where in the world is Benioff? The possibilities are endless: He could be texting with primatologist Jane Goodall. Or hobnobbing with his pal, actor Matthew McConaughey, who has said he’s “inspired” by the CEO’s leadership. Or maybe FaceTiming with Bono because, why not? Spend a little time with Benioff, and you quickly realize that these are all things that occur regularly in his realm.
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The “What I’ve Learned” Podcast: Marc Benioff On How Meditation Helps Him Lead

In the “What I’ve Learned” podcast, Arianna Huffington sits down with people she loves and admires, in fields from music and technology to sports and business, to explore the lessons they’ve learned over the extraordinary past year about themselves, their lives, and what they truly value. This week, Salesforce founder...
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Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff encourages employees to get vaccinated

"I think it's important for everyone to get vaccinated and to get safe," Benioff said in a CNBC "Mad Money" interview with Jim Cramer. Salesforce has previously recommended that its employees be inoculated against coronavirus, though it won't be mandatory for them to return to the office. Salesforce CEO Marc...

World Economic Forum Global Technology Governance Summit - Salesforce’s Marc Benioff on corporate activism, Stakeholder Capitalism and challenging voter suppression

I believe business is the greatest platform for change. I believe that CEOs really have an opportunity, using their businesses, to improve society. That could be directly, making a commentary to politicians, building great products or making sure that their companies are net zero - I think in all of those cases, businesses are improving the state of the world.