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‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Mandeep Dhillon Opens Up About Career Path She Wish She Took

Although she’s now starring on CBS’ new series CSI: Vegas, Mandeep Dhillon admits she has another career in mind besides acting. During her recent interview with Hollywood Life, the CSI: Vegas actress declared that while her character, Allie Rajan, is very into science, she herself is the complete opposite. “I’m not intelligent when it comes to science. I wasn’t in science in school and I wish I was. Because I wanted to be an astronaut at one point. But I had to be good at science for that.”
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‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Mandeep Dhillon Talks Allie and Josh’s Will-They-or-Won’t-They Relationship

Allie Rajan and Josh Folsom have been teasing a sweet little office romance on “CSI: Vegas” since nearly day one. They flirt constantly, and always seem to be by each other’s side. At first, it seemed like they may have a buddy cop type of relationship, but almost immediately, they gravitated towards one another and created a will-they-won’t-they dynamic to rival Sara and Grissom’s from the original series.

Paula Newsome & Mandeep Dhillon Tease What's To Come On 'CSI: Vegas'

Las Vegas is known for its bright lights, but in the latest CSI spin-off, it's also home to all sorts of dark crime. CSI has returned to its roots and reminded fans that it all started in Las Vegas. The original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tackled crime in Sin City and now CSI: Vegas is returning to the mothership.