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‘Rampage’ & ‘Billions’ Star Malin Akerman Leads Thriller ‘Us Or Them’, Latest Movie To Shoot On St Kitts And Nevis — Cannes Market

Click here to read the full article. EXCLUSIVE: Rampage, Billions and Watchmen star Malin Åkerman is starring with Jack Donnelly (Atlantis), Wayne Gordon (Angel Has Fallen), Nicole Bartlett (Jim), Celine Arden (The Hustle) and Sam Cassidy (Guilt) in action-thriller film Us Or Them. Directed by Tom Paton (Black Ops), the film is written by Nicole Bartlett from a story by Paton. The project recently wrapped production in the islands of the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis. MSR International is handling world sales in Cannes. In Us Or Them, while enjoying a luxury holiday won on a mobile game app, childhood best friends Jude...
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Malin Akerman And Lorenza Izzo Fly The Coop In ‘The Aviary’

The new escape film The Aviary may be both an antidote for those who’ve felt trapped and isolated from civilization during the global pandemic as well as a reminder of our vulnerability of being controlled by manipulators that we allow to live in our heads. The film stars Malin...

The Aviary Trailer: Malin Akerman Escapes A Cult

Today we have a new trailer from Saban Films for the upcoming title "The Aviary." The film stars Malin Akerman and Lorenza Izzo as Jillian and Blair, respectively. They are members of a cult called Skylight who are trying to escape the clutches of cult leader Seth (Chris Messina). As they run away from the desert campus called The Aviary, they start seeing visions of a mysterious woman (who appears to be Sandrine Holt playing the role of Delilah). They're going in the wrong direction, hearing odd noises like cellphones despite the fact that Seth took theirs, and being pulled back into the dark places of their minds.

Clips Round-Up: John Cusack In Pursuit, Malin Akerman Has A Week In Paradise, & More! [Exclusive]

Our first exclusive clip of the week features movie star John Cusack in Lionsgate's action-thriller "Pursuit," which also stars Emile Hirsch ("Into the Wild"), Jake Manley ("Midway"), and Elizabeth Ludlow ("Godzilla: King of Monsters"). It was co-written by Brian Skiba ("The 2nd"), Andrew Stevens ("Night Eyes"), Dawn Bursteen, and Ben Fiore and directed by Skiba. The film is scheduled to hit select theaters and on demand on February 18, 2022.