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How A Clockwork Orange Changed Malcolm McDowell Forever

While many films lose some of their effect over the decades, "A Clockwork Orange" remains one of the most visually arresting movies ever made. At the time of its release, the controversial 1971 Stanley Kubrick film elicited mixed feelings from audiences and — and Anthony Burgess, who wrote the 1962 novel of the same name. The film famously leaves out the novel's final chapter (which was also omitted from American printings at that point in time), thus completely altering the core message Burgess was trying to convey. Interestingly, Burgess himself was initially unsure if the novel's final chapter was necessary or not, which is why he authorized the publication of the American version of the book that ended with chapter 20. However, later in life, he did prefer the original British ending (via and soured somewhat on the film. Whichever ending you prefer, the deeper questions both novel and film ask about freedom of choice still feel relevant today.
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Malcolm McDowell: I don’t feel part of the Hollywood scene

Malcolm McDowell feels disconnected from Hollywood. The 78-year-old actor – who was raised in Liverpool, England, and now lives in Santa Barbara, California – has confessed to feeling detached from the “Hollywood scene”. He shared: “I’m not part of the Hollywood scene. Actually, Hollywood people still think I live in...

Malcolm McDowell refused to read for his Star Trek: Generations’ role

Malcolm McDowell played a key role in Star Trek: Generations. When the producers of Star Trek: Generations were casting the movie, they had to find a bad guy who wouldn’t be a cardboard cutout villain. They considered various actors across Europe and the US before deciding they wanted Malcolm McDowell, a well-known British actor who’d appeared in powerful films like Clockwork Orange and Time After Time. He was an actor who had an eye for creating villains, and he willingly read the script.