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‘Mangrove’ star Malachi Kirby: “If Marvel called, I’d ask to play Captain America”

From EastEnders and Black Mirror to the lead in last year’s Mangrove, Malachi Kirby is on his way up. Or he was, at least, until lockdown put everything on hold. Now finally getting to release the show he finished filming back in 2018, Kirby is back on our screens as a young hacker caught up in the shady world of high finance for Sky’s new international thriller, Devils.
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Malachi Kirby: ​“When we’re on set, we just bring love”

As the shivery aftershock of Industry​’s cold-ass finale fades, and while we wait for the pandemic-delayed return of Succession, here comes Devils to satisfy our craving for TV drama centred on the luxe-living, one-percenter behaviour of high flyers with low morals. Shiny as a City banker’s Berluti shoes and fast...
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Malachi Kirby: ‘I used to go into auditions in character… I didn’t have the confidence to go in as myself’

After starring in Roots and as Darcus Howe in Steve McQueen’s Small Axe, the actor is having fun in a new financial thriller and making sure his true voice is heard. “I’m used to always doing dramatic work,” says 31-year-old Malachi Kirby. “There is something about my face that people must enjoy seeing crying.” The London-born actor has made a name for himself in recent years playing a series of gut-wrenching, emotional heavyweights; first as Kunta Kinte in the 2016 remake of the wildly popular 1977 series Roots and then as real-life activist Darcus Howe in Mangrove, the opening episode of Steve McQueen’s Small Axe series last year. Kirby seemed to empty all of himself into each character – from the rebellious slave Kinte to the fiercely hopeful Trinidadian orator Howe – not leaving a trace of his identity behind.