Magnus Carlsen


Five-time World Chess champion Magnus Carlsen won't defend title in 2023

Magnus Carlsen, who has been the reigning World Chess champion for nine years, announced Wednesday that he won't defend his world title in 2023, citing a lack of motivation. Carlsen, 31, made the announcement on a Unibet podcast, telling co-host Magnus Barstad that he met with International Chess Federation (FIDE) leadership to discuss potential changes to the biennial World Chess Championship.

Five-time world chess champion Magnus Carlsen says he will not defend his title

Magnus Carlsen, who has been ranked the No. 1 chess player in the world since 2011, announced Wednesday he will not defend his world championship title. "The conclusion is very simple that I am not motivated to play another match," the five-time world champion said on his podcast, The Magnus Effect. The championship matches are held every two years and the next is scheduled for 2023.

Magnus Carlsen won't defend world chess championship title in 2023 but isn't retiring

Magnus Carlsen, the Norwegian chess grandmaster and reigning World Chess Champion, won't defend or seek a sixth title in 2022. Carlsen, 31, revealed on his podcast, "The Magnus Effect" that he spent more than a year contemplating the decision – even before he won the title for the fifth time late last year – but he's ultimately comfortable with giving up his title. However, Carlsen did say he wasn't retiring from chess and would continue to play the game he's dominated since becoming the No. 1 ranked player in 2011.