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Global Citizen Announces The Addition Of Migos, Jojo, Maggie Q, And Michaela Jaé Rodriquez To The Lineup

(CelebrityAccess) — International advocacy organization, Global Citizen announced the addition of hosts and artists to the lineup for its Global Citizen Live concert and live stream event. Newly announced hosts for this year include Indian actor and film producer Priyanka Chopra Jonas and French sport journalist and television host Denis...

Maggie Q Praises Tom Cruise as On-Set Leader, Says He Went Out of His Way to Include Her on ‘MI3’

“The Protégé” actress Maggie Q has only wonderful things to say about Tom Cruise, whom she starred with in the J.J. Abrams-directed “Mission: Impossible III” from 2006. In a recent sitdown with Collider, she talked about playing the small but impactful role of Zhen Lei opposite Cruise as Ethan Hunt, and how Cruise went out of his way to make her feel included on the set. “Tom’s a leader. And again, when you work with people at his level, there is a reason they are where they are, period. There’s no question. He’s not my best friend so I’m not talking...
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Movie Review: ‘The Protege’ lifted by chemistry of Maggie Q, Michael Keaton

In the dog days of the late-summer movie calendar, sometimes the best you can hope for is a guilty pleasure. And if you’re a studio hoping to deliver such an empty-calorie-rich cinematic treat, it’s not a bad idea to hire a beloved actor who brings that little special something every time he or she is on screen.
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My worst moment: ‘The Protege’ star Maggie Q and the time she nearly lost her fingers while filming a scene for ‘Nikita’

In the action movie “The Protege,” Maggie Q stars as an assassin avenging the death of an important person in her life. It’s a physically demanding role — stunts and fights — which is nothing new for the actress. But the timing of the film was unusual: She started shooting two months after having spinal surgery.

‘The Protégé’ Review: It’s Nice to See ‘Nikita’ Star Maggie Q Back in Action

Nearly everyone we meet in “The Protégé” is on the brink of retirement, all but one or two of them nudged violently in that direction by Maggie Q’s title character. Anna specializes in finding things “that don’t want to be found” (as a cover, she maintains a rare book store), but her true gift seems to be in disposing of them once they’ve been located, which Q handily demonstrates in the operation that opens the movie, one that ends with a hard-to-reach Russian crime boss floating face down in his private pool. Anna is ruthlessly efficient, but also works best as...

The Protégé Gave Maggie Q Her Scariest Stunt Ever, Even After Being In A Die Hard Movie

When it comes to the action genre, Maggie Q knows her way around the block. Her resume includes participation in such action-packed features as Mission: Impossible III, the Divergent series, and the fourth film in the Die Hard franchise, Live Free or Die Hard. That film, in particular, has a brutal fight sequence that Maggie Q reflected on as she spoke with us about her latest movie, The Protege. She is the character of the title, and she’s on a mission of vengeance. And in the above clip, she explains why this current film gave her the scariest stunt of her career.
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Review: Maggie Q, Michael Keaton try to save ‘The Protege’ from itself

That thought might cross your mind more than once during "The Protege," a new action-thriller now playing in theaters. There are certain points in director Martin Campbell's revenge flick that may cause you to chuckle quietly as you attempt to wrap your head around how this latest plot contrivance could have occurred.