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Sen. Maggie Hassan: If Republican politicians ‘take away’ abortion rights, ‘what other rights are next?’

Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH) joins Andrea Mitchell ahead of the Senate vote on a bill that would provide federal protection for access to abortion. Although the vote is expected to fail, Hassan explains: “We have this opportunity to vote to protect a woman's right for fundamental freedom to make our own healthcare decisions, to charter our own future. That's what today's vote is about." If Roe falls, Senator Hassan warns that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is “saying that a national abortion ban could be next,” adding, “if they're willing to take away these rights, what other rights are next?” May 11, 2022.
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Maggie Hassan released an ad Monday focused on her breaks with the Democratic Party. Later this week she will win a coveted title: the most bipartisan senator.

Susan Collins often wins the ranking. What happened: First-term Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) will top the bipartisan index that will be released this week by the Lugar Center and McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University, according to a person familiar with the ranking. It's a boon for the New Hampshire Democrat’s reelection campaign.
Picture for Maggie Hassan released an ad Monday focused on her breaks with the Democratic Party. Later this week she will win a coveted title: the most bipartisan senator.

Charles Flanagan: Bob Jones and Maggie Hassan have done much for veterans

I, like Mike Hatch in his letter dated March 26, am very appreciate of all the work that Bob Jones has done for veterans. I am also appreciative of the work that Sen. Maggie Hassan has done for the veterans also. I too was in the military in the U.S. Army engineers with duty most of three years in Europe. I can remember in the '60s and '70s the military was not very popular, it seems nice that the men and women of the military are appreciated today as they should be also all the veterans who did their time and effort to support our country we love. We are fortunate to have a great VA health system I am proud to be part of the system. In closing I would like to say God bless our military and God bless America the land we love.

Bob Jones: Sen. Maggie Hassan has supported veterans throughout her career

Chuck McGee wrote in a recent letter, vote for those who support veterans. First, I couldn’t agree more and have been saying that more than most over the years. As well as take your organization's hat off so as not to look like the whole organization feels same way. Check that representative's record, speak with them, bring him or her a veterans issue to see how it’s handled by staff. Don’t think party matters because it doesn’t. Believe that. Have been lied to by both sides, the biggest and supposed best. Keeps me an Independent.

Suzanne Allison: Sen. Maggie Hassan leading the fight for reproductive rights

I am proud to see Sen. Maggie Hassan leading the fight for our reproductive rights. Republicans across the country have launched an all out assault on reproductive freedom, and we have seen that firsthand here in New Hampshire, where Republicans passed an abortion ban and defunded Planned Parenthood. All three GOP senate candidates running against Hassan are in lockstep support with this extreme, anti-choice agenda. Chuck Morse authored the abortion ban, Kevin Smith ran New Hampshire’s leading anti-choice advocacy group, and Don Bolduc has called for similar bans on abortion.

Chris Johnson: Maggie Hassan stands up for her party, not Granite Staters

So Ms. Thomas thinks "Maggie Hassan is leading the fight to cut gas prices". Really. Wow a whole 18 cents — that will surely have a significant impact on the $1 per gallon increase we have seen since the current administration's policies were implemented in January of 2021. Did the senator call President Joe Biden and tell him to not shut down the pipeline, offshore drilling, restriction of oil land exploration to keep prices down? She supported the release from the strategic oil reserve — in December they released 13.4 million barrels, the United States uses over 20 million per day. I didn't notice any great savings or price reduction from that.

Lynn Thomas: Sen. Maggie Hassan leading the fight to cut gas prices

For months we have been hearing on the news about rising gas prices. But few have come forward with any solutions. I was proud to see Sen. Maggie Hassan leading the fight to lower gas prices. In December, she successfully pushed the Biden administration to release oil from the strategic reserve. Now, she has called to suspend the gas tax until 2023.
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Sens. Rob Portman and Maggie Hassan: It’s Time for Congress to Pass the Bipartisan Pray Safe Act

As Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker was preparing to begin Saturday services on the morning of Jan. 15, 2022, he welcomed a man who had knocked on the window and looked cold inside his synagogue. Cytron-Walker made the man tea and then began his livestreamed Shabbat service. With his back turned to the man, the rabbi recalls hearing a click, turning around, and seeing a gun. For over 10 hours, this man held Rabbi Cytron-Walker and three other congregants hostage at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas. The attack at Congregation Beth Israel was a blatant act of antisemitism and terrorism. Unfortunately, such acts are proving less of a rarity as senseless violence grows far too common in Jewish communities across the United States.

Sen. Maggie Hassan responds to criticisms from newest Republican challengers

MILFORD, N.H. — Sen. Maggie Hassan is responding to some of the attacks launched at her by her Republican challengers over the last few weeks. Two of the senator’s newest opponents, Londonderry town manager Kevin Smith and state Senate President Chuck Morse, have focused the early part of their campaigns making the case against the incumbent.
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Letter: Maggie Hassan, a worker

The Monitor article regarding Sen. Maggie Hassan this morning (1/22) is ‘clickbait,’ so I clicked. The senator is ‘underwater’ while her challengers are essentially unknown to the voters, not what Sen. Hassan has done for New Hampshire. Aside from providing a review of the contenders, how they stack up against Sen. Hassan, there is absolutely no in depth discussion of just what the Sen has accomplished for New Hampshire.