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The Role That ‘Shattered’ Acting for Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen is a Danish actor that has been in various television and movie roles since 1996. His distinct voice and likable personality have garnered him a dedicated fan base over the years, and he has cemented himself as a talented and versatile actor in a wide variety of roles. Born in Copenhagen and originally a dancer, Mikkelsen is one interesting guy, especially when it comes to his changed perception on acting after one of his early roles.
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Mads Mikkelsen happy to play 'fresh' villains

Mads Mikkelsen is always looking to play "fresh" villains. The 55-year-old actor has played antagonists in movies such as the 'James Bond' flick 'Casino Royale' and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) project 'Doctor Strange' and takes parts if he can bring a new perspective to the table. Mads said: "Well,...
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Mads Mikkelsen goes full Liam Neeson in this thoughtful yet darkly comic Danish revenge thriller

In Danish writer-director Anders Thomas Jensen’s “Riders of Justice,” when Markus (Mads Mikkelsen), a military officer on deployment, receives word that his wife (Anne Birgitte Lind) has been killed in an apparent train accident back home, he returns to an estranged teenage daughter, Mathilde (Andrea Heick Gadeberg), he has no idea how to comfort. Markus’s temperament and training have made him a man of action, not words. He’s at a loss as to what to do next.

Mads Mikkelsen and Director Anders Thomas Jensen on 'Riders of Justice' and Why Humor Is Important

From director Anders Thomas Jensen, one of Denmark’s most renowned filmmakers, the Danish dark action dramedy Riders of Justice follows Markus (Mads Mikkelsen), a man forced to return home from a recent deployment to care for his teenage daughter (Andrea Heick Gadeberg) after his wife is killed in a tragic train accident. When a survivor of the wreck shows up claiming foul play, Markus decides to find those responsible for turning his wife into a random casualty.
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Eric Bana, Mads Mikkelsen, and Liam Neeson: Tough Guys Win on VOD Charts

In an unusual show of consensus, reduced-price titles, a new PVOD title, and several independent films dominated all streaming charts. “Godzilla vs. Kong,” still #5 in theaters in its eighth weekend, followed its initial 31-day HBO Max play with PVOD availability. It placed #1 on both revenue sites, and was #3 and the best high-price title at those who rank by transactions.
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Fantastic Beasts 3’s Mads Mikkelsen Shares Honest Thoughts On Leonardo DiCaprio’s Another Round Remake

Mads Mikkelsen, a man who is constantly cast as the villain, has been a part of some major franchises and continues to add to that list now that he is replacing Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts 3 and has been cast in Indiana Jones 5. Mikkelsen is also fresh off the success of his film Another Round, which was nominated for multiple awards and won the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. Of course, the success of a foreign movie means American studios could try to remake it and, shortly after the Oscars, it was reported that a Leonardo DiCaprio-led Another Round remake is in the works. Now, Mikkelsen has shared some thoughts on the upcoming film.

Mads Mikkelsen on Playing the Action Hero in Riders of Justice

Mads Mikkelsen on playing -- and undermining the trope of -- the action hero in Riders of Justice. Directed by Anders Thomas Jensen, Riders of Justice follows recently-deployed Markus, who is forced to return home to his care for his teenage daughter after his wife is killed in a tragic train accident. But when a survivor of the wrecked train surfaces claiming foul play, Markus begins to suspect his wife was murdered and embarks on a mission to find those responsible. Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Andrea Heick Gadeberg, Lars Brygmann, Nicolas Bro, Gustav Lindh and Roland Møller star. Riders of Justice is available everywhere on May 21, 2021.

Mads Mikkelsen Teases Epic Wizard Battle in Fantastic Beasts 3 That Took 3 Weeks to Film

Eddie Redmayne's Newt Scamander and the villainous Gellert Grindelwald (due to be portrayed for the first time by Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen following Johnny Depp's controversial departure) will go head-to-head in the Fantastic Beasts 3 finale, it has now been revealed. During a recent interview with Mikkelsen, these details of the movie's climactic wizard battle were teased, revealing that the actor battled Redmayne "for three weeks straight for the epic ending."

Interview with Mads Mikkelsen and Anders Thomas Jensen, Star and Director of RIDERS OF JUSTICE

The careers of international performer Mads Mikkelsen and Danish filmmaker Anders Thomas Jensen have always been linked. Jensen‘s first feature – the 2000 robber restaurant comedy, Flickering Lights – was Mikkelsen‘s fifth credited performance in a full-length film. And no matter where Mikkelsen went, from the cinematic universes of James Bond, Doctor Strange, or most recently, Indiana Jones, he’s always returned home for a Jensen project. Out of the director’s five feature films, Mikkelsen has starred in, you guessed it, five.

Mads Mikkelsen Reacts To Leonardo DiCaprio Remake of ‘Another Round’

Mads Mikkelsen, star of the Oscar winning Danish film Another Round, responds to news of a Leonardo DiCaprio remake. “It’s always tricky to make a remake but on the other hand I understand why.” Mikkelsen stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Because even though a lot of people might...

Mads Mikkelsen responds to Leonardo DiCaprio remake of ‘Another Round’

Another Round star Mads Mikkelsen has weighed in on the planned Leonardo DiCaprio remake of his Oscar-winning film. The hit Danish comedy-drama, which won the Best International Feature Film Academy Award last month, follows a group of school teachers who decide to consume alcohol daily to see how it affects their lives.
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Mads Mikkelsen says Leonardo DiCaprio remake of Another Round will be ‘interesting’

Mads Mikkelsen has responded to the news that Leonardo DiCaprio is leading a remake of his Danish film, Another Round. Also known as Druk, the Oscar-winning film received critical acclaim last year for its depiction of binge-drinking and midlife crises. The news that DiCaprio was planning to star in a Hollywood production of the film sparked mixed reactions from fans, although director Thomas Vinterburg told IndieWire that he was “full of hope and curiosity” about the project. Mikkelsen has since said that he understands the appeal of a remake and is open to it, as long as they understand...

Cinema Classics May 20, '21-- Mads Mikkelsen

John and Johnny enjoy the emergence of Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. Award-winning Cinema Classics discusses great movies then and now. From films, genres, directors, and actors to everything else in between, the hosts don't always agree, but they are always fun and informative. Cinema Classics is regularly broadcast at 8:01...

This is what Mads Mikkelsen thinks about the remake of ‘Another Round’ with Leonardo DiCaprio

Often happens. As soon as a film outside of the US garners great acclaim from critics and audiences, Hollywood quickly starts to think about how it can be shared in the success, and usually this reflection leads to a remake spoken in English. Is what seems to happen with Another round, a Danish feature film that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film as well as a Best Director nomination for Thomas vinterberg. As one of the most lauded titles of the year, shortly after the Oscars we learned that there were already plans to adapt it, with Leonardo Dicaprio acting as producer and possible leading actor.

Mads Mikkelsen says Another Round remake could be 'tricky'

Mads Mikkelsen is intrigued by the English-language remake of 'Another Round'. Mads Mikkelsen thinks the remake of 'Another Round' could be "tricky". The 55-year-old actor starred in the Danish coming-of-middle-age movie, and he's curious to see how the English-language version - which will star Leonardo DiCaprio - will be received by fans.