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Strength In Numbers: Mack Rhoades on Conference Realignment and TV Deals

This week, the online war of words rages on between Big 12 faithful and Pac-12 supporters. Each side's passionate and vocal fans operating under the assumption only one can survive this chapter of college football history. Given Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren's comments at media days, that's a logical conclusion.
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Baylor Will Have to Continue to Evolve and Be Better | Mack Rhoades

Mack Rhoades, Baylor Director of Athletics joins 365 Sports Radio to discuss future conference realignment, his thoughts on Brett Yormark, the state of the Big 12 as college football evolves, the future of college football, and more. To continue reading, you must be a SicEm365 Premium subscriber. Subscribe Try Premium...

Those Who Make a Difference: Mack Rhoades

This is a monthly feature on someone who makes a difference in other people’s lives. To submit someone for consideration, email Perhaps there’s no better measure of success and leadership than receiving a lengthy contract extension. The success that Baylor athletics has achieved in recent years across...

‘Best days are still ahead,’ Mack Rhoades is here to stay

Baylor athletic director Mack Rhoades signed a 10-year contract extension and said he aims to finish out his career at Baylor and continue the Bears’ streak of athletic success, proclaiming the best is yet to come. The former athletic director at the University of Akron, the University of Houston...

BearsIllustrated Podcast: An NFL Scout's perspective on Jalen Pitre and an update from Mack Rhoades

Garrett and Pranay are joined by former NFL Scout and current Sports Illustrated writer Daniel Kelly as he breaks down how Jalen Pitre could change the culture of the Detroit Lions. Also, Garrett was able to catch up with Baylor AD Mack Rhoades to provide some insight on the new financial rewards in place for student athletes and the future of streaming.

Athletic director Mack Rhoades poised to finish career at Baylor with new 10-year deal

Baylor athletic director Mack Rhoades has received a new 10-year contract designed so he can complete his career at the school. The school's board of regents approved the new agreement Monday for Rhoades, 56, who has led Baylor's athletic department since July 2016. Rhoades also had received a 10-year contract with the school in October 2019.

Baylor announces 10-year contract extension for Mack Rhoades

WACO, TX — On Monday, Baylor announced that it had agreed to a 10-year contract extension with athletic director Mack Rhoades. In the release, Baylor said that the extension would allow Rhoades to “complete his career at Baylor.” Rhoades came to Baylor in 2016, and was most recently chosen as the Sports Business Journal’s Athletic […]