Machinedrum to perform at Volta XR’s Showcase in New York City

Location: The Standard, High line, 848 Washington St, New York, NY 10014. Volta is a free, self-service XR creation platform that allows creators to construct and broadcast immersive experiences throughout the metaverse. Its much anticipated showcase event is at The Standard High line on Tuesday 7th June and features Ninja Tune artist, Machinedrum, performing an exclusive, hybrid virtual set wrapped around a live audience which will be live streamed to an online audience who will be able to have an impact on the virtual world in real time.
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Machinedrum returns to the park

Travis Stewart, the artist often known as Machinedrum, releases a new LP as tstewart this week, and his esteemed electronic colleague Si Bonobo is also behind the album’s stunning cover shot. He’s recently announced a show on Rinse FM as Machinedrum and will be showcasing his tstewart alias on...
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Machinedrum Pushes for an Out-of-Body Experience

For the past 17 months, people the world over have had time to re-evaluate their paths in life. But for Travis Stewart, who produces and performs music under the moniker Machinedrum, the downtime was just a continuation of his journey, looking at his life from a different point of view.

Machinedrum : Psyconia

Given the intense pleasures of the last Machinedrum LP A View of U, it’s with great joy that Travis Stewart returns so soon for six more tracks. There is nothing that explicitly states this is a musical continuation, of course, but Machinedrum has been conscious over the past roughly 20 years to give each project its own aesthetic shape, making the deliberate mirroring of the gold-and-pearlescent figures against a blue color gradient backdrop pinched from last year’s impeccable record a bit of a clear giveaway. Thankfully, it was a space that seemed open and full of ideas unrealized due to its creative fertility, so this new set of six tracks feels more like a newly discovered bright blossom than a tired retread.