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LYNN JONES: A fellowship of encouragement

Down home, a man decided to go into business for himself. He had always wanted to have his own sawmill; so when he had the opportunity, he bought one. He moved the mill near his home and was soon in business. He carried his old mule over to help pull some of the heavier loads around the mill. He also hired three men to help him run the mill.
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LYNN JONES: The challenge of waiting

We tend to be in a horn-honking, microwaving, Fed-Ex mailing, Amazon-ordering, fast-food eating, express-lane shopping hurry. Robert Levine, in his book "A Geography of Time," suggests the creation of a new unit of time called the “honko-second.” According to Levine, the “honko-second” is the time between when the light changes to green and the person behind you honks his horn. He claims it is the smallest measure of time known to science.
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LYNN JONES: An undelivered Mother's Day card

Because my ministry often carried me many miles from my home in Louisiana, I usually did not get to spend Mother’s Day with my mother. To let Mother know that I was thinking of her, I always tried to send her a nice card and call her on that day. Sometimes, my card was running late in the mail, so as Mother’s Day approached in 2007, I determined not to let that happen again. I mailed the card early in the week so that she would get it before Mother’s Day.
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LYNN JONES: God is a wonderful shepherd

John Graves wrote books and taught writing for a living. For a pastime, he raised a few cows and goats on some land southwest of Fort Worth. He never grew any sheep, citing the adage, “A goat is always looking for a place to get out, but a sheep is always looking for a place to die.” I wish I had read at an earlier age this adage that Graves related.
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LYNN JONES: God is calling you to live a 'hope-full' life

Paul Powell, a longtime pastor, said he was driving down a highway in East Texas when he saw a church sign with an arrow pointing down a country road. The sign said, “Little Hope Baptist Church — 3 miles.” Powell said if he were pastor of the Little Hope Baptist Church, his first action would be to start a movement to change its name.

Victoria "Vicky" Lynn Jones

Victoria "Vicky" Lynn Woods Jones, age 68, of Murfreesboro passed away on Good Friday, April 2, 2021 at Community Care of Murfreesboro. She lived in Murfreesboro and was a native of Cannon Co. Vicky was the daughter of the late William Claris Woods and Dorothy Jean Cope. She was a graduate of Woodbury Central High School, Class of 1970.
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Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones is laid to rest with honorFree Access

Calvert City honored Mayor Lynn Jones today. His funeral was held at 1 p.m. today at his church, Pathway Baptist Church. Calvert City Attorney Greg Northcutt gave a heartfelt and at time emotion filled eulogy and recounted his conversations about God, time and grace with Mayor Jones. He reminded the crowd that Mayor Jones was still pulling for them.
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Funeral procession honors late Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones

CALVERT CITY, KY — A 22-second tribute of lights and sirens rang out to honor Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones, who was laid to rest Wednesday. Each second represented a year Jones served as mayor. As the hearse carrying Jones from the funeral held for him continued in a procession...
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Lynn Jones dies at 71Free Access

Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones, 71, died Saturday after a brief illness. Mayor Jones was elected to serve as Calvert City Mayor six times and served four terms on the Calvert City Council prior to that. At the time of his death, he had been Mayor for 22 years and one month, in total he served 31 years and one month as an elected Calvert City official. Prior to that he served as an appointed member of the Calvert City Water and Sewer Board.
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Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones dies at 70

CALVERT CITY – Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones died over the weekend at the age of 70, the city announced in a news release. The city said Jones, who served as mayor for 22 years, died on Saturday. The release said Jones began his service in city government when former mayor Kean McKinney appointed him to the Calvert City Water Board. He then became a council member and was elected Mayor in 1998.
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Mentor, visionary, friend, leader: Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones gone too soon

Calvert City remains in mourning today following Saturday’s untimely death of Mayor Lynn Jones. Jones, 71, died early Saturday at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. “God called Dad home this morning,” his daughter, Shannon Jones Anglin wrote on Facebook. Services for Jones are scheduled for 1.p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 3,...
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Lynn Jones

Lynn Boyd Jones, 71, Mayor of the City of Calvert City, KY, died Saturday, Jan. 30, 2021, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. He served 8 years as councilman for Calvert City and was elected mayor in 1998, serving for 22 years in office being the second longest in the city’s history.
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Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones was our guest on Coffee Call

Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones joined us on WCBL’s Coffee Call program. Mayor Jones says it has been a busy year for Calvert City with the five million dollar renovation project on the Calvert City Airport, work on the walking and biking trails in the city and expansion into the Kentucky Dam Park area and eventually a trail that will cover 72 miles reaching from Calvert City all the way through Grand Rivers and LBL and to Cadiz. Engineers are working on a design for a new ten million dollar water plant, the Jaycees Building has been renovated, along with renovations to city hall. Mayor Jones says improvements are also being made to the Memorial Park and the other parks in the city. And plans are underway for the Sesquicentennial Celebration coming in July 2021.