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"A Children's Bible," By Lydia Millet

Lydia Millet’s newest novel, A Children’s Bible, was nominated for the National Book Award, and called a masterly allegory for the climate crisis. The book follows a group of twelve eerily mature children on a forced vacation with their families at a sprawling lakeside mansion. Contemptuous of their parents, the children decide to run away when a destructive storm descends on the summer estate, embarking on a dangerous foray into the apocalyptic chaos outside.
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A Children’s Bible by Lydia Millet

A group of families rent a sprawling lakeside mansion for the summer. Contemptuous of their parents’ behavior, the children increasingly avoid them. After a severe storm descends, the children strike out on their own into the chaotic outer world. This prescient, wry, and beautifully written novel captures the terror of living in a world gone amok.
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Lydia Millet on Letting the Work Change You

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