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Riot Fest 1-Day Tickets Go On Sale Noon Friday, And Lupe Fiasco, Smashing Pumpkins Announced As Headliners

NORTH LAWNDALE — After quickly selling out three-day passes, Riot Fest will release single-day tickets noon Friday. Riot Fest organizers also added another wave of bands to the punk rock and alternative festival planned for Sept. 15-17 at Douglass Park in North Lawndale. The updated lineup includes Dropkick Murphys, Rancid, Machine Gun Kelly, Knuckle Puck and more.
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Lupe Fiasco Releases Freestyle Over Beat From Twitter — Listen

In terms of albums, we’re quickly approaching three years since Lupe Fiasco has delivered one, but that doesn’t mean that the rapper hasn’t been active in releasing raps. It’s not unusual for Lupe to post a quick freestyle to Twitter (in fact, some of our favourite songs of his have come from those moments, see ‘Black Power L Word‘). Just over one year ago now, he rapped over a beat from Kaelin Ellis which ended up leading to their collaborative EP, HOUSE.
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Lupe Fiasco gets into the NFTs game with livestream tie-in

Lupe Fiasco is the latest artist exploring the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) space, working with a pair of startups: Origin and Futurestream. The twist here is that Fiasco’s NFTs will be tied in to a livestream concert: Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, which will be held on Futurestream for buyers of his five ‘open edition’ (i.e. not limited in the numbers available) NFTs. They will also get access to an online meet’n’greet after the concert, with the promise of “exclusive access to limited edition physical merchandise and premium digital content” – the latter including AR Instagram and Snapchat filters.

Grammy-Winning Lupe Fiasco to Launch NFT on Origin

It is expected that the Lupe Fiasco’s NFTs would go live on the 12th of April via a specially dedicated site for this. In one of the most recent indications that the craze for NFTs are just beginning, Origin has announced that Lupe Fiasco, a Grammy-award winning musical artist and the recently appointed Artist in Residence at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) would be dropping his first-ever non-fungible token (NFT) on Origin’s NFT launchpad. According to the statement released by the crypto firm, the firm is proud to have “another direct-to-fan experience in collaboration with a true artistic visionary who has deep roots in crypto.”

Lupe Fiasco Explains Why He'll Always Honor Kanye West

Lupe Fiasco is widely regarded as one of the greatest lyricists to ever do it, though his challenging and sometimes inaccessible catalog has kept him from becoming a recurring presence in GOAT conversation. Still, he has remained one of the more compelling emcees, and one who happens to boast a vast wealth of stories and intriguing anecdotes. He happened to share a few during a recent conversation with Andrew Barber on The Coda Collection, where he opened up about his long-running -- and sometimes contentious -- relationship with Kanye West.

Lupe Fiasco Recalls How L.A. Reid Once Trashed Kanye West’s Rapping

Lupe and Kanye’s relationship pre-dates their “Touch The Sky” collaboration. Lupe Fiasco recently sat down with The Coda Collection for a conversation about his career with journalist Andrew Barber, and the Chicago rapper touched on his relationship with Kanye West. Lupe noted that he had been working with Kanye well before the general public knew both of their names and how he’ll always honor Kanye because he watched him struggle to the top.

Lupe Fiasco

Though Lupe Fiasco does occasionally cover disturbing and challenging subject matter, seldom does he dive with such commitment into darker sonic territory. Yet on his classic The Cool, one of the project’s most engaging conceptual tracks also happened to be one of the most haunting in “Put You On Game.” Off the bat, the vibe is completely different than what Lupe generally kicks up, this one fueled by a foreboding arrangement of orchestral strings; it’s the soundscape of battlefield long after the massacre, where the survivors have no choice but the reflect on the carnage.

Lupe Fiasco Goes In On "Kara Walker"

Lupe Fiasco is unconventional as they come. Though often regarded as one of the greatest rappers to touch a mic, his musical output hasn't necessarily found their way onto streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify. Instead, fans get doses of his brilliance scattered across his Twitter feed when he drops off little song snippets on the timeline.

Lupe Fiasco Releases Freestyle Over Doja Cat’s ‘Streets’ — Listen

Replacing the Buss It Challenge the past few days on social media has been the Silhouette Challenge where you show yourself dressed casually, acting nonchalant, and then the beat from Doja Cat’s ‘Street’ drops to you in red lighting so that just your silhouette shows you dancing. It’s caused Doja Cat’s song, which has been out for over a year and was on her Hot Pink album, to pop off.

Kanye is latest to leak Lupe Fiasco track; Lupe already CAPS-LOCK MAD

Even though he threatened to retire, Lupe Fiasco (thankfully) isn’t quite done making music. He’s got his long-awaited third record called Lasers, due later this year. What he is done with, though, is people leaking his songs on the Internet. After a number of Lupe fan sites leaked a high-quality version of his new single with Matthew Santos, “Shining Down”, Lupe launched a 600-word tirade on just how over the whole thing he was. (He even wrote in Kanye-esque caps-lock, so you know he means business):

Busta Rhymes, Yasiin Bey, Lupe Fiasco and More Pay Tribute to MF DOOM

The hip-hop community closed out the year 2020 with the shocking revelation about the passing of MF Doom. On December 31, in what started off to read as a dedication, a post was shared on MF DOOM’s verified Instagram account with a message from his wife, Jasmine, and revealing the masked rap icon passed away on October 31. Since the news of his passing, in the space of social media, several tributes have emitted from fans and fellow artists of DOOM including Busta Rhymes, Yasiin Bey, and MC Serch.

Hear Lupe Fiasco, Open Mike Eagle, and Joseph Chilliams’ Freestyle Tributes to MF DOOM

Remember a couple years back when that graph was published which illustrated the breadth of rappers’ vocabulary, and—barring the walking dictionaries that are Aesop Rock and Busdriver—MF DOOM was pretty much all by himself at the “verbose” end of the spectrum along with groups of rappers like Wu-Tang and Jedi Mind Tricks? When it was announced on New Years Eve that the rapper passed away on October 31, it quickly became apparent on social media just how broad his appeal and influence was, particularly on wordy rappers—not to mention everyone whose career in rap felt permitted only after DOOM let it be known that rapping about nerdy shit can be cool.
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Yasiin Bey, Lupe Fiasco Pay Tribute To MF DOOM With Freestyles [Listen]

Last week it was revealed Hip-Hop had lost one of the most unique talents to ever grab a microphone, months ago. Two of his peers have saluted in the most fitting way. Ufortunately, tt was reported MF DOOM is no longer with us in the physical. The loss took the culture by surprise as his wife announced his passing almost two months after he left us. Naturally an outpouring of respect has been put on the late great’s name since via social media posts, playlists, editorials and more. As spotted on Hypebeast a pair of MC’s are giving his flowers via some tribute bars.

Yasiin Bey and Lupe Fiasco Deliver Tribute and Freestyle to MF DOOM

Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def) and Lupe Fiasco are paying their respects to MF DOOM with a tribute and freestyle. Both artists took to social media to share their love of the late rapper, with Yasiin Bey posting his 2014 take on the Madvillainy cut, “All Caps.” Meanwhile, Lupe Fiasco dropped a freestyle and proposed changing the word “simile” to “Dumile” — MF DOOM’s legal last name. “Thanx DOOM…I learned so much from you about the art of rapping. Studied and analyzed you for years as recently as a few days ago. I wish I could’ve met you to tell you that. here’s some raps…rest easy…Amin…” he tweeted with the freestyle, adding, “To whom it may concern: I ask and propose that from this point forward all rappers from everywhere and from every style and every level in the craft refer to “Similes” as “Dumiles.” Pronounced “Doom-ah-lays.” A small gesture for a fallen master. MF DOOM. Can I get a 2nd?”

Lupe Fiasco Remembers MF DOOM With New Freestyle: 'I Learned So Much From You'

Following the shocking news of MF DOOM's death at age 49, Lupe Fiasco has paid tribute to to the late legend by explaining how inspirational he was. Messages of respect for the Madvillainy rapper have been flooding in ever since his wife Jasmine revealed he died on Oct. 31, 2020, and Lupe has been hit particularly hard by the news. While he's understandably heartbroken by the loss, he made a suggestion that rappers refer to "similes" as "Dumiles," as a small gesture to one of the genre's greats.
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Lupe Fiasco

Yesterday evening, it was confirmed that the legendary MF Doom had passed away at the age of 49. Given his status as one of hip-hop’s best lyricists of all time, it wasn’t surprising to see tributes arising from all corners of the rap game. Those who value their penmanship were especially appreciative of everything DOOM brought to the table, a plentiful feast jammed with clever punchlines, sharp observations, villainous references, and brilliant wordplay. In honor of the man’s legacy, Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter to pay homage in a suitable fashion: by spitting bars.