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Louie Giglio on How to Take Every Thought Captive

In talking to Louie Giglio, it’s easy to see why he’s built such a reputation for engagement. In conversation, he’s personable, curious and uses your name a lot. You can tell this is a guy with a lot of experience in making people feel seen. You get the impression he’d welcome almost anyone to the table. And he does. So why has he written a whole book called Don’t Give Your Enemy a Seat at the Table?
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Louie Giglio, Natalie Bergman and an Xtreme Bible Game

This week, Passion founder Louie Giglio joins us to talk about mental health — both his own struggles and how he’s found help winning those battles practically, mentally and spiritually. (It’s this week’s Quarterlife Conversation, presented by UHSM.) Also, we introduce you to singer/songwriter Natalie Bergman, whose amazing new album ‘Mercy’ is about both an unbelievable tragedy and the peace she was able to find in the middle of it. Plus, there’s RELEVANT News and Slices covering the gamut from an enterprising 4-year-old to summer travel to Black Superman. And don’t miss the end of the show, where the cast and a listener go to battle in an Xtreme study Bible game!
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Louie Giglio: How to Take Your Thoughts Captive

I’m a college drop out. Not because I’m not smart enough. But because when I was 18 years old I was losing the battle of my mind. The Enemy had gained a foothold in my life, and that foothold was called laziness. I could sleep through morning classes like a champ. If there had been an Olympic competition in skipping class and making excuses, I’d have gold medals hanging on the wall. Eventually, the letter arrived from the dean of my program requesting that I kindly take some time off from pursuing my university education.