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The Real Reason Louie Anderson Was in “Coming to America”

Many folks should know the argument that casting a movie without any diversity is going to bring up, but from a certain standpoint, one can reasonably argue the point that in Coming to America there had to be a pretty big diversity of faces, and not just white and black diversity since New York is a pretty big and diverse place. In fact, the city has been that way for a long, long time now. But since the movie was about a prince from the fictional nation of Zamunda and it was his story, the general consensus between Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall was that they wanted to hire an all-black cast. The compromise was that Paramount wanted at least one white face in the movie, so it was that Louie Anderson, who was also a prominent comedian on the rise at the time, was in a way forced upon them and was cast in the movie. One upside was that Murphy and Hall actually liked Anderson since much like them he was someone that was working his way up the comedic ladder and had proven to be quite hilarious for a good chunk of his career. But the overall feeling is that they’d lost a bit of the influence they’d wanted over the movie. The argument of course from a lot of folks might be that if this was a predominantly white cast that a lot of people might say that people would go nuts over there being too much ‘whiteness’ in the movie.

‘Coming 2 America’ Star Louie Anderson On Why Eddie Murphy Is One Of The All-Time Great American Actors

When it comes to Louie Anderson‘s career, it’s stand-up comedy that’s always been his predominant bread and butter, but over the course of the past five years, Anderson has been busy bulking up the number of acting credits on his filmography. Even better, he received some of the best reviews of his career for his work on FX’s Baskets, with his performance as Christine Baskets earning him an Emmy – plus two additional nominations – for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. More recently, he scored further praise for his five-episode arc on HBO Max’s Search Party.

Coming to America: Eddie Murphy Reveals How Louie Anderson Was Cast

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall recently revealed why Louie Anderson was cast in Coming to America. It turns out some executives at the movie studio were not too keen on having a cast without any white actors in it. In a meeting with the management, the duo was presented with a list of actors for them to choose from, and that was that. Murphy and Hall clearly get a kick out of this story now. Both comedians absolutely adore Anderson’s work, and that’s why they selected him. But, it is funny to imagine such a request coming down in the first place. A lot of people were surprised to see the actor asked back for the sequel as well, but Anderson is a part of the franchise and it just makes sense. Murphy and his co-star explained the entire ordeal on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week and the host couldn’t contain his laughter.

Louie Anderson surprised by Eddie Murphy's Coming to America claim

Louie Anderson has expressed surprise that Eddie Murphy was 'forced' to cast him in the 1988 hit comedy Coming to America because studio execs wanted to include a 'white person'. Murphy made the claim during an appearance on NBC's Today last Wednesday, stating: 'The whole cast was black, and the...

Eddie Murphy Claims He Was Forced to Cast Louie Anderson in Coming to America

When Eddie Murphy set out to make Coming to America, he hoped to hire an all-black cast of actors for the John Landis directed comedy. Paramount didn't see eye-to-eye with that idea, and according to both Murphy and his onscreen partner Arsenio Hall, the studio forced them to cast a white actor in the movie. Given three names to choose from, the pair decided that Louie Anderson would fill the role.