Lou Costello


Five Actors Who Should Play Lou Costello in a Biopic

Let’s just put this out there so there’s hopefully as little argument as possible, if an actor was ever up for the role of Lou Costello for a biopic, they not only need to be white, but they also need to be male, since race and gender-swapping a comedic legend such as Costello would be a serious insult to the man’s memory. There’s nothing racist about it, but if people are truly all about preserving the memory of various legends that helped to create such great moments as ‘Who’s on First?’, then they need to stick to the original format for once and not wonder if they can sneak in someone in order to be ‘equitable’ or ‘woke’. With that rant over it would also require someone who is actually funny and can convince the audience that they had to work to get where they were, since Costello wasn’t an instant hit when he made his way to stardom, as he had to work his tail off to even get noticed, and when he finally met up with Bud Abbott, who he worked with for quite a while, his success still wasn’t instant since the two had to work to entertain the crowds. But when their act did take off it was something to see no doubt, as their legend is still very easily remembered and enjoyed by many folks.

The Time of Their Lives: Bud Abbott and Lou Costello

The Time of Their Lives starts out during the American Revolution with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello playing romantic rivals. While the film may start out during the Revolutionary War, it soon jumps 166 years years ahead in time. This makes way for some pleasant laughs with being scared by electricity.