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‘SNL’: Bob Odenkirk Says He Was a ‘D*ck’ to Lorne Michaels

Bob Odenkirk was a writer at SNL long before he starred in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. However, Odenkirk admits that while he worked on Saturday Night Live, he wasn’t very mature in his behavior. Specifically, he claims that he was “kind of a jerk” to show creator Lorne Michaels. That being said, Odenkirk did good work, as evidenced by the now-famous “Matt Foley” skit starring Chris Farley.
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Michael Che looks at Lorne Michaels as "sort of like a father figure in showbiz"

The SNL star discussed his favorite things and people with The New York Times, including his boss. "I know it’s a political answer to put your boss on the list, but Lorne is really, really special to me," says Che. "I don’t have family or friends in show business. I came in by myself, and everybody that I know from showbiz I’ve met through show business. And Lorne is the one guy who is sort of like a father figure in showbiz that I could talk to from a different type of perspective. He’s not a peer, obviously. But he made me approach comedy from a professional standpoint and not just from being lucky to do it." Che also discussed his HBO Max show That Damn Michael Che. “It’s been kind of weird how good the feedback was,” he says. “A lot of people really, really connected with it. I mean, I’m surprised. You make it for that reason but when it happens, it always feels strange.”
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‘SNL’ Cast Members Are Juggling More Jobs Under Lorne Michaels

You don’t have to be perpetually “live, from New York” to flourish these days at “Saturday Night Live.”. In years past, the show’s cast members focused their all on the venerable late-night program and, when outside opportunity knocked or contracts ran out or media economics forced a tightening of the group, they left. This season has provided the clearest indication yet that those rules are changing: cast members are increasingly taking on new projects even as they continue with the NBC show.
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Bob Odenkirk regrets being a "d*ck" and "a**hole" to Lorne Michaels on SNL

The Better Call Saul star recently expressed regret over being "such a prick" during his four-year stint as a writer on Saturday Night Live in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In an interview with Howard Stern, he admitted his behavior came out of insecurity. "I just wasn't right for that show at that time and I do wish I could've understood my own psyche, my own psychology and enjoyed and embraced it a bit," he said. "That show is a behemoth monster machine that moves forward and you got to get on board or get out of the way."
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Kenan Thompson on His 'SNL' Audition for Lorne Michaels and Golden Globes 2021: Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson’s comic cameo divides Twitter

Kenan Thompson on His 'SNL' Audition for Lorne Michaels and Golden Globes 2021: Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson’s comic cameo divides Twitter. Golden Globes 2021: Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson’s comic cameo divides Twitter and Kenan Thompson on His 'SNL' Audition for Lorne Michaels. Battling 'a sneaky, tricky virus' with...
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'SNL' has history of using 'Jews as the punchline,' ADL says as they call on Lorne Michaels to take action

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is the latest Jewish organization to call out "Saturday Night Live" for a joke about Israel they say "crossed the line." During Saturday's episode, "Weekend Update" host Michael Che spoke about Israel's coronavirus vaccine rollout, suggesting that Jewish citizens are receiving priority treatment. "Israel is reporting...
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Lorne Michaels mocks musicals in silly Schmigadoon! this summer

Apple TV+ revealed Friday that Schmigadoon! will sing and dance its way onto the streaming service this summer. The comedy is a parody of iconic musicals, and is executive produced by Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live fame. The series follows a couple trying to reinvigorate their relationship with a...
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SNL’s Chris Redd to star in new sitcom from Lorne Michaels

Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Redd is set to star in Bust Down, a new sitcom from executive producer Lorne Michaels. It was announced that the series has been picked up by NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service. Redd joined SNL in season 43 (2017) after making a name for himself...
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Kenan Thompson and Lorne Michaels are both planning to stick around SNL for the foreseeable future

Thompson, who joined Saturday Night Live in 1994 and is in his 17th season, would like to reach his 20th season. Michaels, who's helmed Saturday Night Live for 41 of its 46 seasons, would like to make it to the show's 50-year anniversary in the middle of this decade. “I have a certain number I would love to get to,” Thompson says of how many seasons he’s aiming for, in a Variety cover story on the NBC sitcom Kenan. “I think 20 is a good, round, even number that I’m close to. I feel like that is in reach, but also it would be respected if I don’t get there. Like, 18 is fine, 19 is fine. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is, will I have time for my family? There’s only 24 hours in a day.” Meanwhile, Michaels is glad that Thompson is able to star in his NBC sitcom while staying on SNL. “The industry finally came around to my way of thinking, which is, why does a series have to be 24 episodes, and why do you have to leave SNL for it?” Michaels says, adding that he welcomes Thompson’s goal to reach at least 20 years. “And I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to hit the 50-year mark soon, so it’s good.”