Lorna Simpson

Harper's Bazaar

The Infinite Universe of Lorna Simpson

I was nervous to speak with Lorna Simpson. Her work—ranging from photographic studies of herself and other subjects, overlaid with text, to films, drawings, and sculptures—has shaped so much of the conversation around Black womanhood, sexuality, and the body for the past three decades. Talking to Simpson felt, in my imagination, like talking to an oracle.
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L.A. Weekly

Lorna Simpson: Everrrything is Illuminated

Artist Lorna Simpson moves between the micro- and the macro- but her work is always cosmic. Her current exhibition at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles is titled Everrrything and can rightly be said to encompass a whole universe — several universes actually. As a practical matter, there are sculptures, mixed media paintings, collage suites and moving pictures; materially there are found objects, as well as vernacular and original objects and images, recombined and produced with wood, stone, glass, fiberglass, ink, gesso, screenprinting, pastel, handmade paper, magazine pages, video and activated sound.
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