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Walker Adds Ashley Reyes as Cordell's New Partner, Replacing Lindsey Morgan

Click here to read the full article. Jared Padalecki is getting a new partner this spring. Ashley Reyes (How I Met Your Father, American Gods) is joining the cast of The CW’s Walker as a series regular named Cassie Perez, our sister site Deadline reports. Cassie is described as a “spirited, uncensored, strong Texas Ranger based in Dallas who served as a Texas state trooper for eight years before that. She is unconventional and wily, quick on her feet. She knows that she’s one of the only women in her field and that the odds are always against her, but rather...
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‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Discusses Parallels Between Herself and Micki

Walker actress Lindsey Morgan talked about the similarities between herself and her character Micki as well as their exits from the series. “It’s kind of funny how art can imitate life,” Morgan said in an interview with TVLine. I had a lot of parallels with Micki, and that’s why I thought when I had made my decision—and it was such an incredibly hard decision—but there was something to say about the kind of strength it takes to put yourself first, and being able to deal with the guilt or the shame, those feelings of, ‘I may have let all these people down, but I have to take care of me to be my best me.’ So, Micki’s going through that. I’m going through that.”

‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Discusses Micki’s Break Up With Trey

Lindsey Morgan has left Walker and that means that Micki is no longer going to appear on the show. She even broke up with Trey. As part of the separation from the show, Mick and Trey have had to separate as well. It was a tough decision for Morgan to leave the show. It came down to a personal reason and she has elaborated since. In the midseason finale, we saw the breakup with Trey. Luckily we heard from Morgan via Entertainment Weekly about the moment.

‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Discusses Micki’s Big Journey Throughout Show

Have you have ever wondered about what Walker star Lindsey Morgan thinks of her character’s journey on the show?. Nowadays, Linsdey Morgan is known thanks to her role on The CW’s Walker, a 2021 reboot of the television series Walker, Texas Ranger. She played the character of Ranger Michelle “Micki” Ramirez on the new show. You may also recognize her from her work in the science fiction drama series The 100. She starred in that show as mechanic Raven Reyes.

‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Opens Up About Heartbreaking Departure

Walker actress Lindsey Morgan discussed her emotional exit from the series and why she felt it was the right decision for herself. Walker follows the title character as he returns to his family and job as a Texas Ranger after an undercover assignment. The first season saw Cordell navigating his grief and repairing his relationships. Other stars of the series include Jared Padalecki, Mitch Pileggi, Keegan Allen, Odette Annable, and Molly Hagan.

Lindsey Morgan says Walker exit was 'one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make'

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Dec. 9 episode of Walker. Micki Ramirez (Lindsey Morgan) has handed in her badge. Following the news of Lindsey Morgan's exit from the series, Walker wrapped up Micki's story with its season 2 mid-season finale. After struggling with what happened while she was undercover, Micki made the decision to turn in her badge and gun and return home to San Antonio to re-evaluate her priorities. That meant saying goodbye to her partner, Walker (Jared Padalecki), her boss, Captain James (Coby Bell), and breaking up with Trey (Jeff Pierre).

Walker’s Lindsey Morgan Reveals Reason for Show Exit

Watch: Jared Padalecki "Gutted" By "Supernatural" Spinoff Exclusion. This story contains spoilers from the Dec. 9 episode of Walker. After two seasons, Lindsey Morgan's shift has officially come to an end on the hit CW show Walker. On Dec. 9, during the mid-season finale, Micki Ramirez (Morgan) turned in her...

Lindsey Morgan calls her final Walker scene "poetic" and a "magical moment"

"The whole process was a bit surreal, and I didn't really quite know how it was going to happen," says Morgan, who opted to exit The CW series. "That final scene was not in the original script. So (showrunner) Anna (Fricke) had added that scene during the week of shooting, and when I received it, it just gutted me. And I believe I texted her, 'Are you trying to kill me?' It was just almost too much."