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Larry Ellison was on a call with Sean Hannity and Lindsey Graham to discuss overturning election results

Larry Ellison, one of the world’s richest people and co-founder of the Oracle software company, was involved in a November 2020 call to develop plans to contest the results of the US presidential election, according to a report from The Washington Post. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Fox News host Sean Hannity, Donald Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow, and True the Vote attorney James Bopp Jr., also participated in the call.

Lindsey Graham now says he was ‘wrong’ for praising Biden after Capitol riot

Senator Lindsey Graham walked back his comments during the 6 January insurrection that President Joe Biden would be the best person to unify the country.Fox News host Jesse Watters asked the South Carolina Republican about comments he made to New York Times reporters Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin for their book This Will Not Pass. In the audio recording, Mr Graham is recorded as saying that the riot by supporters of former president Donald Trump would lead to the country unifying. “This is a group within a group,” Mr Graham said at the time. “What this does, it’ll be a...

Lindsey Graham was right about Trump, Jan. 6 (but only briefly)

When a previously undisclosed recording of a politician causes a controversy, it’s generally because he or she is heard saying or doing something provocative. In recent weeks, however, this model has been turned on its head. In the aftermath of the Jan. 6 attack, for example, House Minority Leader...

Lindsey Graham praised Biden as ‘best person’ to lead US after Capitol riot

Despite repeatedly pushing for former President Donald Trump to run for the White House again, newly released audio reveals that GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham called President Biden the “best person” to lead and unite the country following last year’s Capitol riot.  “We’ll actually come out of this stronger. Moments like this reset,” Graham (R-SC) said in the audio first aired on CNN. “People will calm down. People will say, ‘I don’t want to be associated with that.’” “This is a group within a group,” he continued. “What this does, there will be a rallying effect for a while [where] the country says,...