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White Mountains CC Division IV First Round: Lin Wood 82, Derryfield 69

The Lin Wood Lumberjacks advanced to their first quarterfinal in over 25 years with a 82-69 upset win at Derryfield. The Lumberjacks all-state duo of Cam Clermont (40 points) and Jake Avery (36) were phenomenal in leading their team to the road win. Derryfield was led by 25 points from...
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Lin Wood to Challenge Appellate Court's Nondisparagement Clause Ruling

L. Lin Wood says he intends to appeal a Georgia Court of Appeals decision affirming he contracted to abide by a waiver of constitutional rights. Intermediate appellate decision sides with three of Woods' former associates' argument that by signing a fee dispute settlement containing a non-disparagement clause, Wood signed away his First Amendment right allowing him to disparage others.

Lawyer Lin Wood Was Wrongly Faulted by Delaware Trial Court

Among other things, the court reasoned, "though the court said that its decision was not influenced by its conjecture that Wood's conduct had precipitated the traumatic events of January 6, its willingness to pin that on Wood without any evidence or giving Wood an opportunity to respond is indicative of an unfair process." Here's the bulk of today's order:

Despite his mea culpa to Tucker Carlson, Trump diehards Roger Stone, Lin Wood, and Seb Gorka are laying into Ted Cruz for calling the January 6 riot a 'violent terrorist attack'

Sen. Ted Cruz was slammed by right-wing figures for his comments on the January 6 Capitol riot. Cruz was criticized for calling the Capitol riot a "violent terrorist attack" in a Senate speech on Wednesday. He backtracked on Tucker Carlson's show, but the Trump allies don't seem to be buying...

Wacky MAGA Lawyer Lin Wood Claims That Tucker Carlson And Hunter Biden Are Secretly ‘Buddy-Buddy,’ And He’s Got Receipts

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has been a regular target of Tucker Carlson and his fellow Fox News cronies in the months leading up to—and since—the 2020 presidential election. Back in December, Carlson talked about Hunter and his family’s “sleazy international business deals that undercut America’s core interests.” Which seemed strange, as just two month prior to that—just days ahead of the 2020 presidential election—Carlson said it was time for the media to lay off Hunter Biden. There were some mixed messages, to be sure, but if pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood is to be believed, Carlson and Hunter Biden have a friendly history.