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NASA mission will put scientific payloads on the far side of the moon

NASA has announced that it has chosen three different scientific payloads under the Commercial Lunar Payload Services initiative, which is a component of the Artemis program. The Artemis program aims to send humans back to the moon for the first time since the Apollo era. One of the three missions NASA has chosen will be landing on the far side of the moon facing away from Earth.
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Netflix’s first Cuphead trailer shows off Wayne Brady as King Dice

In summer 2019, Netflix announced an upcoming original series called The Cuphead Show that, as its title suggests, is based on the hit game Cuphead. The series will be a comedy that features the same retro art style as the game, which was inspired by the Fleischer cartoons of the 1930s. Fast-forward two years and Netflix has finally released a teaser trailer for the show.
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Alpha Wolf+ Cloudbreak has an innovative camper tent from Heimplanet

The Alpha Wolf and Wolf+ (Wolf Plus) have yet to make it to production, but the California-based startup is already working on an overlanding version of its first all-electric small truck. Alpha Motor Corporation (AMC) has collaborated with German outdoor specialist Heimplanet in creating a bespoke Cloudbreak tent that neatly integrates into the truck bed.
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SpaceX’s Starlink satellite Internet may soon power in-flight Wi-Fi

SpaceX’s satellite Internet service Starlink may soon power Wi-Fi services on some flights, offering travelers a new option for connecting to their favorite services while traveling. According to SpaceX’s VP Jonathan Hofeller, Starlink has already performed some demonstrations of an ‘aviation product,’ which the company says it aims to finalize for use on aircraft soon.

Images of the Week: Selena Gomez Walks Through Her Life in Looks

Congratulations are in order for the Sussexes! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their second child, Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. The baby girl is named after Queen Elizabeth II, whose nickname is Lilibet, and Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. Also on Sunday, Balenciaga showed its Spring 2022 collection, featuring ominous...
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My Hero Academia Gives Todoroki And Bakugo A Big Upgrade

My Hero Academia's one-hundredth episode mostly focused on Class 1-A following their big battle against Class 1-B during the Joint Training Exercise Arc, and the latest installment saw both Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki gaining a big leg-up in the world of heroes. With the episode pitting the two young heroes against a gang of villains with power over "carbonation", All Might finds himself witnessing the growing strength of these two fan-favorite characters who have finally managed to score a big win in their respective careers as aspiring crime fighters within the hallowed halls of UA Academy.

6 Thought Patterns that Increase Anxiety

Generating worrisome thoughts is the brain's way of protecting us from potential threats. But that can predispose us to excessive anxiety. Changing 'all or nothing' or 'worst is yet to come' thought patterns can reduce anxiety levels. Breaking down problems into smaller, bite-sized pieces can make them more manageable. Anxiety...

G7 summit: Joe Biden gifts Boris Johnson custom-made bike

US President Joe Biden has given UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson a hand-built bicycle at their first meeting as G7 leaders in south-west England. It was made by a small Philadelphia firm that was given just a few days to build a red, white and blue bike that normally takes months to construct.
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School of Rock star Brian Falduto says he struggled to come out after film’s release: ‘I was so far in denial’

School of Rock star Brian Falduto has said he struggled to come out for years after appearing in the film as a child actor. Appearing in an interview on the Cooper & Anthony radio show, Falduto – who played the character Billy opposite Jack Black’s Dewey Finn – explained that he ended up internalising the homophobia directed towards him while he was at school.
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Best and Worst States: Pros and Cons of Living in Idaho

As with many other states in the U.S., people began migrating to Idaho when gold was discovered there. Thousands of years ago, the Nez Perce and Shoshone tribes lived there, hunting local animals and planting farms with beans and corn. This remote state was the last to be colonized by Europeans due to its challenging geography and remote location.
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Jennifer Lopez Hits the Gym in Paisley-Print Leggings, Reds Sports Bra & Chunky Sneakers

Jennifer Lopez hit the gym in style while visiting Miami this week, proving fashion and working out don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The singer and actress wore a red sports bra and red and black paisley-printed leggings. Complementing the look with added glamour were her signature aviator sunglasses, gold hoop earrings, and bedazzled gold tumbler cup (similar to the one made to celebrate her iconic Super Bowl LIV performance). On the footwear front, Lopez wore a pair of chunky white sneakers with thick soles—one of her workout signatures.
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Moscow announces 'non-working week' as virus surges

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin on Saturday announced a "non-working" week in the Russian capital, with non-essential workers told to stay home, as Covid-19 cases hit a six-month high. The decision marks a change of tone for Russian authorities, with President Vladimir Putin repeatedly insisting that Russia has handled the pandemic better than most countries. "During the past week the situation with the spread of the coronavirus infection has sharply deteriorated," Sobyanin said on his website as the city registered 6,701 daily infections, the highest number since December last year. Sobyanin added that "thousands" of hospital beds have been repurposed for coronavirus patients.
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Volvo Fuel Pump Fuse Issue Prompts Recall of 85,550 Vehicles in the U.S.

A company that cemented its place in the world of automobiles through safety features, Volvo is calling back 85,550 vehicles over a problem that’s very unnatural for the Swedish manufacturer. As fate would have it, the cars and SUVs in question were built with 15-amp fuses even though their fuel pumps are rated at 20 amperes.
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Orlando, Fla., marks five-year anniversary of Pulse nightclub shooting

June 12 (UPI) -- Orlando community members plan pay homage to victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting five years ago during events Saturday. At noon, churches in Orlando will ring their bells 49 times in honor of the 49 people killed after gunman Omar Mateen opened fire inside the nightclub on June 12, 2016. The mass shooting killed 49 people and injured another 53 in the deadliest attack on the American LGBTQ community in U.S. history. The shooter also died in a shootout with police.

Study: Turmeric more Effective than Prozac at Treating Depression

It’s common knowledge in the natural health world that pharmaceuticals often (if not always) do more harm than good. It’s also clear that foods, herbs, and other natural sources can offer similar benefits without those nasty side effects. Once again, our beliefs have been affirmed by science: A recent study...